Letter to the Editor: Shapiro’s appearance is “not a Klansmen calling for violence”


Dear Editor,

I graduated from UConn in 1992 with a degree in Actuarial Science. I loved everything about my time at UConn. Over the years, I have tapped into UConn’s talent pool many times to recruit actuarial science majors for careers and summer internships.

It was with stunning dismay that I read that in the wake of conservative speaker Ben Shapiro’s scheduled speech, that the school is offering mental health services for students traumatized by Mr. Shapiro’s presence on campus. This is not a Klansmen calling for violence. This is a harmless Harvard Law School alumnus who happens to believe that low taxes, secure borders, individual liberty and babies being born might be things that improve our life experience.

If nowhere else in society, a college campus is supposed to be one place where diverging opinions can come together for robust, yet respectful, debate. Hearing differing, challenging opinions is precisely how one learns. One doesn’t learn from surrounding themselves only with people who agree with everything they believe.

Any student who needs Prozac and hugs to deal with a (sometimes provocative, but not over-the-top) conservative speaker who merely wants to give a peaceful speech, will have exactly zero chance of succeeding in life after college. What will these students do at work, when their bosses inevitably say something that they don’t like or agree with?  

These kids are nowhere near ready for the demands and realities of adulthood. Their parents and teachers have completely failed them.

Liberals seem to advocate for diversity in everything…except in ideas.

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