Commuter Corner: Finding Time for a FitBit


Finding time to keep up with a FitBit can be hard as a college student.  (screenshot/FitBit)

Finding time to keep up with a FitBit can be hard as a college student.  (screenshot/FitBit)

Over break, I got a FitBit from my boss for a work challenge that we’re starting up this week.  The goal is to get the most steps, with the daily goal being 10,000.  Currently, my walk around campus should give me about 6,000 steps for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, this presents a problem. Where do the other 4,000 come from on those days, and where do 10,000 come from on the other four days of the week?

As anyone with a long commute knows, a lot of time that you could spend walking or jogging is taken up by the drive to campus.  Per week, I drive around 10 hours to and from campus. I could walk home, I’d gain a lot of steps that way, but I don’t think 22 miles will work for me.  With homework and an internship taking up a lot of my free time, there is no time. But I have to get the steps in somehow.

In case someone else is dealing with this issue, commuter or not, I wanted to share some ideas on how to get to your fitness goal this year. Not saying these suggestions will work, or that I will stick to them myself, but they are here for you if you need them.

The first suggestion is to stop making excuses. I was trying to write this article before and it went downhill fast.  I was just listing reasons I couldn’t go to the gym, or pointing out how busy I am and how I need time to unwind.  I made up excuses for not going in the morning–namely, because it’s in the morning.  I made up excuses for not going during breaks between classes–I have to have some time for homework.  I also made up excuses for not going after classes–I’ve had a long day, I need to just head home.  The fact is, you can make any excuse that you want, you will always be able to justify not going to the gym if you want to. Stop making excuses. Pick a time and go.

The second suggestion is to find a friend to do it with. Having a partner to go with you most of the time could be the motivator you need. My sister is still pretty anti-gym, but ever since her friend came home from college, she’s been at the gym every morning working her tail off.  If she ever wants to go and that particular friend isn’t available, she takes someone else.  Some people need friends to workout with;, maybe you’re one of them.  I will have to go with or without them; I don’t really have a choice.  But, find a friend if you can.

I’m hoping to get in at least 10,000ten thousand steps Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  That’s my first goal.  If I can manage that, then I’ll try amping it up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Baby steps.

You wouldn’t guess it by how often I write about hating exercise, but I used to love it.  When you fall out of it and try to get back into it, it’s pretty difficult.  Hopefully this work challenge will help get me back on track.

Hannah Desrosiers is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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