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The University of Connecticut’s Board of Trustees voted to subcontract the university’s current food service to a private firm, Saga Inc., in 1973.

This change was reported to save students over $100 per semester. Students were charged $3.25 per meal as opposed to $3.96.

“But, like a piece of McConaughy chicken, once investigated, (the provisions) don’t look quite so good as they appear,” the Daily Campus reported. “At least that’s the way the Connecticut State Employees Association (CSEA) sees it.”

The trustees’ sub committee’s report said Saga “would guarantee 40,000 hours per year of part-time student employment for our students.” However, Ed Gallant, CSEA executive director, said the report read “up to 40,000 hours of part-time employment.”

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The Linguistics department at the University of Connecticut faced elimination in early 1976.

“According to Janet D. Fodor, assistant professor of linguistics, last Dec (.) 17 the Program Review Committee recommended to Kenneth G. Wilson, the vice president of Academic Affairs, that the linguistics department be eliminated in July 1976,” the Daily Campus reported.

Wilson was to give the department a two-week notice, but waited longer to do so.

The Linguistics department was set up in 1967, and in 1976 enrolled 20 graduate students and 400 students in undergraduate classes, according to Fodor.

T. Foster Lindley, associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and chairman of a Linguistics Review Committee, said that one of the “Program Review Committee’s main concerns is to affect the least number of students.”

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