Krispy Kreme fundraiser gone wrong almost completed


University of Connecticut sophomore Haseeb Khan said in an email he has not yet sold all the donuts he bought last week.

Khan accidentally bought $1,000 of Krispy Kreme donuts last week after attempting to buy some for a Muslim Student Association fundraiser, and has been selling them in order to cover the costs.

While not all of the boxes have been sold, the fourth-semester computer science and engineering major wrote that he believed the organization had sold over 200 of the 250 boxes they bought. The group had sold the boxes for half-price in order to prevent the last donuts from going stale, he said.

Khan said he gained some more attention after the publication of the Daily Campus’ original story.

“When I was walking to class and when I went to the Student Union for Late Night following that hectic Wednesday of selling donuts, several people did come up to me, asking if I sold the donuts, or how I even bought them at all,” Khan said.

Khan said that the students that he spoke with enjoyed hearing his story.

The Muslim Student Association plans on using the funds to invest in events that USG does not cover for them, Khan said.

When asked whether the association would do another Krispy Kreme Fundraiser in the future, Khan said he himself would not want to do it again, even though the club would most likely do it in a couple months.

“I sold more than enough to last a lifetime,” Khan wrote. “But if my presence can help draw people in to buy donuts, then I guess I would be down to do another Krispy Kreme fundraiser.”

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