Jane the Virgin: The gift that keeps on giving


"Jane the Virgin" debuted October of 2014 and was brought to Netflix for season 3 and onward.  (screenshot/Netflix)

“Jane the Virgin” debuted October of 2014 and was brought to Netflix for season 3 and onward.  (screenshot/Netflix)

“Jane the Virgin” has taken us through the best of times and the worst of times. In some episodes, we laugh as we see Jane learning how to be a mother so suddenly and watch her family and friends grow closer as a result. In other episodes, we cry because we remember Michael, whose death shocked us all.

The over-dramatic plot points of “Jane the Virgin” that somehow overlap could have easily been the show’s demise. However, the careful planning that goes into “Jane the Virgin” is very apparent through the fact that every plot twist– and there are many– makes perfect sense and is not forced at all. (Spoilers ahead!)

The midseason finale left us with a shocking kiss between Jane and Rafael, whose romance was left as a friendship in order to care for their son Mateo as well as the fact that in the end, Jane did choose Michael. Jane also recently had her heart broken by her high school love, and therefore the kiss was dramatic, beautiful, and perfect– or was it?

The premiere on Friday showed us that while the kiss was amazing for Rafael, Jane just wasn’t feeling it. At the same time, Mateo is starting kindergarten, and must deal with the pressure of lying about his address so he would be able to go to school in a better district. Meanwhile,  Jane’s parents Xo and Rogelio are going through couples therapy where Rogelio has a breakthrough about his childhood relationship with his mother and how that affects his life now, and Petra… well, in self-defense she killed her twin sister, and now must prepare to deal with the inevitable murder charge and trial coming her way.

Rafael realizes that Jane did not feel the same way about the kiss, and tries to convince her to rethink her decision. However, she believes that it is better for Mateo for them to stay friends. This is powerful because it wasn’t that Jane didn’t like the kiss, but she didn’t particularly love it either. This is enough to put a stop to whatever was going on between them physically and makes Rafael talk to Jane about it, instead of just going to her. At school, Mateo makes a friend and invites them over and we see Jane and Rafael hilariously try to make Xo and Rogelio’s house look like theirs, and Mateo sees lying as a good thing, which worries Rafael and Jane.

Xo and Rogelio are also dealing with some problems in paradise. Once Rogelio has his breakthrough, Xo becomes tired of hearing about how much his mom affected him and him crying, despite being the one to recommend therapy in the first place. However, with the help of Rogelio, she then has a breakthrough of her own and realizes that she wished she could have had more time with her father when she was young while he was alive, but he was always working. She realizes this is most likely the cause of the anger she often directs toward Rogelio, and their bond becomes stronger.

As all of this is happening, Petra decides she needs to find a lawyer because she isn’t the most sympathetic character – she was the lone witness to about four deaths in the show — and the authorities were starting to get suspicious. Her assistant finds a lawyer named Jane Ramos, who is supposedly the best. However, Petra doesn’t seem to think so simply because her and the other Jane aren’t on the best of terms. By the end however, Petra and Jane Ramos seem to get along swimmingly and Petra feels as if she can trust her. This trust may have been misplaced because we later see Petra’s lawyer in a car talking to someone on the phone suggesting that she may have some ulterior motives.

At the end of the episode, Rafael reveals that he bought a small studio apartment in Xo and Rogelio’s district so Mateo can go to a good school and not have to lie about where he lives. Jane also gives Rafael a chance to prove himself and kiss her again. Instead of going in for the kiss right away, Rafael whispers some suggestive things into her ear that probably made the writer in Jane crumble, and gives him permission to kiss her. The consent between both of them is very real, which makes the scene much more valuable. The kiss was fun and sweet, and definitely not as dramatic as the first one. However, this was what made it perfect.

Overall, the episode was wholesome and well put together, and as always, brushed upon many social and political issues of our time. Throughout all the seasons of the show, immigration is a big plot point, as well as consent. This episode also talked about how districting public schools affects their quality and how some kids do not get the education they deserve simply because of the place they live. The show is also extremely diverse, not only through its main cast, but through the extras and supporting characters as well. In some scenes, you may see an African American doctor, or a Muslim lawyer wearing the hijab. These small details are what drive the success of “Jane the Virgin”  and what keeps viewers satisfied. “Jane the Virgin” is truly a gift to TV, and we can’t wait to see what it gives us next.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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