Men’s Basketball: Slaughtered at Temple in Philly


Michigan State. Arkansas. Auburn. Memphis. Villanova.

Kevin Ollie and Co. struggled mightily in a embarassing loss at Temple Sunday night. (Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus)

And now Temple.

These are the names of all six schools UConn (11-10, 4-4 The American) has lost to by 20 or more points. It’s the first time in their 115-year history that this has happened and Sunday night’s slaughter in Philadelphia is the newest addition to the growing list of teams who have embarrassed the Huskies this season.

The score was 85-57. It was not a good game. Christian Vital led the Huskies with 15 points, and Jalen Adams only netted seven points in 36 minutes on 2-for-10 shooting.

It started out normal enough and it even seemed like things would be different. Antwoine Anderson broke out of a slump that had been overshadowing him since playing Arizona back in December, hitting a few jumpers to keep the Huskies in early. He finished with 11 points, his first double-digit game since scoring 10 points against Monmouth on Dec. 2.

UConn started out making seven of their first 10 shots, including going 4-for-4 from 3-point range, and the Huskies found only found themselves down 21-20 with just under 10 minutes to play.

Then, it started to fall apart.

UConn went five minutes without scoring a point, and only hit one field goal in the back end of the half. Temple (11-10, 3-6 The American) closed on a 16-4 run and went into halftime with a 38-24 lead, shooting 48 percent from the field to UConn’s 40.9 percent.

The second half was nothing short of awful. The Huskies didn’t even put up a fight. They shot 37.9 percent from the field, 11.1 percent from 3-point range. They only scored 33 points in the second half, barely an upgrade from the 24 in the first half.

UConn opened up the second half with two dunks—something that would get any team energized and hyped up. They were only down 12, a deficit not insurmountable by any stretch. But the Huskies let it get out of control, giving up 3-pointer after jumper while missing 3-point shot after 3-pointer and turning the ball over 16 times.

They shot 39 percent from the field all night, 10 points less than Temple’s 49 percent. The Owls also shot 40 percent from 3-point range. They had four scorers in double-digit—18, 17, 13 and 12 points. UConn had two scorers in double-digits—15 and 11 points.

After the game, Kevin Ollie said this: ““The vibes are still good. We look forward to cooperating with the NCAA. I’ll just go back to my statement.” 

The definition of “good” must have changed in the last few hours.

Stephanie Sheehan is the managing editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at She tweets @steph_sheehan.

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