Town hall on proposed USG constitution changes to be held Wednesday


The Undergraduate Student government holds it’s first meeting of the 2017-2018 school year where the new administration and new senators were sworn in. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) at the University of Connecticut will hold a town hall Wednesday to review proposed changes to the USG constitution and gain student input after two months of working to update the constitution.

The town hall is open for comment from the student body, USG Alumni Senator and External Affairs Vice Chairman for State Affairs Damon Reynolds said in an email. It will take place in room 104 in the Student Union at 6:30pm.

“The goal of this town hall is to discuss and debate some of the changes to the constitution brought forth by the (USG Governing Documents) Review Subcommittee, and to see where all senators stand on the future of our governing documents,” Reynolds said.

The Governing Documents Review Subcommittee and the ad hoc committee (which USG Senator Nicholas Teeling created in November to allow students outside of USG to help review the constitution) will present their proposed changes at the town hall to members of the USG Senate, according to Reynolds.

Reynolds also said the subcommittee hopes to spark debate about their proposed edits to the constitution and improve upon their suggested changes.

The subcommittee and the ad hoc committee will meet prior to the town hall to read over and discuss each other’s proposed changes, Reynolds said.

“Hopefully we can come to a common sense consensus of the two groups’ ideas and resolutions,” Reynolds said.

The committees will continue to meet after they decide at Wednesday’s town hall which changes to implement, according to Reynolds. The committees will then present the final updated constitution at a USG Senate meeting in February.

“We are expecting a final vote at a Senate in mid-February prior to the February 22 deadline (to approve the updated constitution),” Reynolds said.

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