Thirsty Thursdays: Super Bowl edition


(Via Daily Campus Life Section)

Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us and if you are still looking for a drink other than beer to chug when your team starts to lose, we have you covered this Thirsty Thursday. Both of our rum-based drinks for this week are inspired by the hometowns of the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles and dyed using food coloring to match their team colors. Show up to your Super Bowl party with one of these drinks and absolutely no one will question who you will be rooting for.

Boston Cooler


– Two ounces of rum

– One-quarter ounce of simple syrup

– One-half ounce of lemon juice

– Ginger ale

– Two drops of blue food coloring

Combine the rum, simple syrup, lemon juice and ginger ale in a glass over ice, stir to combine. Add as many drops as you would like until you achieve the desired deep blue color, which only took us about two drops.

Broad Street Run


– Two ounces of rum

– Four ounces of green tea

– Four ounces of lemonade

– Two drops of green food coloring

This recipe is based on Philly’s Broad Street Run, which holds the record for being the largest 10-mile road race in the country. Combine the rum, green tea and lemonade over ice and stir to combine. Add the drops of green food coloring, turning the golden drink green.

Whether you like the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles, our hometown inspired drinks are a delicious and colorful way to kick off your Super Bowl Party on a budget.

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