Graduation application deadline approaches


The day when students will don the graduation gowns is fast approaching with the deadline for applying for graduation coming in the next few weeks. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

Feb. 16 is the deadline for seniors to apply for graduation, the first of several steps to prepare for Commencement in May.

Isaiah Chisolm, an eighth-semester journalism major, said graduation is an exciting time despite the tough job market he faces.

“I want to do my best to find a job, but in this current environment, it could be a little tricky,” Chisolm said.  “I think that, for the most part, I am excited to graduate, because a degree will validate all the hard work I put in for the past four years.”

Seniors can apply for graduation through a two-step process on StudentAdmin. The first step is to apply to graduate and the second is to submit a final plan of study, Assistant Registrar Carl Rivers said in an email.

Under the Academics tab, students should have a link that says “Apply to graduate,” Rivers said. Upon clicking the link, a series of prompts guide seniors through the process until the application is ready to be is submitted.

Rivers said the application is received despite lack of confirmation after submission.

“There is no confirmation email or approval for the application step,” Rivers said. “Students receive an email once they submit their plan of study, once it’s approved by their advisor (or) department and once the Degree Audit office reviews their record.”

The essential details are a senior’s name and address, according to the registrar’s website. This is an opportunity for seniors to change the name on their diploma or the address the diploma will be sent to in the six to eight weeks following graduation. (

The second step is to submit a plan of study with any necessary clarifications or comments for academic advisors under the “View my advisement report” link, the website said. Further instructions can be found under the “View My Plan of Study Approvals” link.

Following the submission, seniors will receive an email confirming they successfully submitted their plan of study for consideration, according to the website. For seniors with more than one major, separate emails will be sent for each major.

The most common issue is accidentally applying multiple times, Rivers said.

“You can only apply once in the system, so if you try again, you will get an error message stating there is an application for you already,” Rivers said.

Students with a minor will have it automatically added to their application, Rivers said.

The last day to apply for graduation in May is Feb. 16, Rivers said.  This date also applies to students who intend to graduate over the summer.

If the deadline is missed, there are still alternative routes to graduate in May, Rivers said. Students will most likely not be included in the Commencement Ceremony information (i.e. list of graduates) and may be excluded from important emails and additional information about the final semester, Rivers added.

Rivers said student would need to contact the Degree Audit office directly since StudentAdmin will close the option after the deadline.

Paula Aksenoff, a sixth-semester communication and English double major, said that at the end of the day, she is ready to graduate early.

“I’m definitely ready to graduate. I’ve been looking forward to starting my professional career ever since entering UConn, and I feel much better prepared for the fields I’m looking to enter,” Aksenoff said. “After UConn, I plan to work some internships, move in with my fiancée, and find somewhere that I feel like I belong.”

Shelby Haydu is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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