Roundtable: Favorite Winter Olympic sport


A snowboarder flies through the air during a women slopestyle training session at the Phoenix Snow Park ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018. (Michal Kamaryt/CTK via AP)

The Winter Olympics begin on Friday, Feb. 9 and will take place over two weeks, with some of the best athletes in the world wowing us with their skills in hopes of taking home gold. There are dozens and dozens of Winter Olympic sports ranging from hockey, to skeleton, to curling and so on. The DC Sports staff talks about its favorite Winter Olympic sports in this week’s edition of the Roundtable.

Matt Severino – Campus Correspondent

Curling is by far my favorite Winter Olympic sport. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for the sport after I got the chance to actually try it over winter break. It has rather simple rules but as I learned, can take countless hours of practice to become truly great at the game. Curling not only requires you to be a great athlete but also intelligent and proactive. Because the game has so many different approaches and tactics, it will be interesting to see how each team will go about defeating its opponent. With the Canadian team being projected to bring home the gold medal, it is hard to believe that the Americans won’t have just a little bit more motivation to try and knock them off.

Jorge Eckardt – Campus Correspondent

My favorite Winter Olympic sport has to be skeleton. For those who do not know, skeleton takes place on the same track as both Luge and Bobsled, however instead of the participants sliding face up, the one person is face down. The sled that is used is only about the size of their torso, so both their legs and head are hanging off each end, with the head being only inches off the ground. It is exhilarating to watch, seeing people flying down the track at speeds that can reach over 80 MPH. It is an adrenaline rush just watching the sport, so I can’t imagine how crazy it must be to actually compete.

Matt Barresi – Staff Writer

Not very bold, but for me ice hockey is the best. Maybe I was just socialized to believe this, as it is the only “major” sport involved, but then again, it is the only “major” involved and it is a “major” sport for a reason. Hockey is a enjoyable blend of athleticism, toughness and skill. It has physicality and finesse. It is simply a fun form of entertainment to consume. Passion is essentially a prerequisite for all sports, but with the intensity hockey is played at, it really shows. In the Olympics with so much pomp and circumstance as well as nationalism it is really exacerbated. Even with perceived second-rate players attending this year, those factors aren’t going anywhere. The storylines, the fervor of the medal rounds and even the fact the event has longevity have always made it appealing to me and they’re not going anywhere.

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