2018 Metanoia proposals deadline approaches


(Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

The deadline for proposals for events and activities to be held during the 2018 April Metanoia on the Environment is Tuesday Feb. 20, David Wagner, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Connecticut, said.

The president’s office has committed $25,000 for Metanoia week, Wagner said. About $15,000 will be provided for proposal funds and the rest of the money will be split up among different events and groups such as an indigenous people’s event and a food waste awareness event, he said.

The deadline is a rolling one, Wagner said. Money will be awarded first to the proposals that came in before Feb, 20 and the remaining funds will be distributed to the proposals that come in after the deadline, he said.

“The president’s office providing the $25,000 really jumpstarted our efforts and allowed us to send out this request for proposals,” Wagner said.

There are options for additional funds if necessary, Wagner said. There is a significant amount of interest in the programs that are coming to Metanoia week and oftentimes it’s not hard to get matching funds once the initial money is obtained.

Proposals from all disciplines are welcome, Wagner said. Students, staff and community members who do not attend UConn are welcome to host an event.

“(We’re trying) to get different entities, different interest groups, different contingencies involved in the Metanoia and thinking about the environment and what it means to their discipline,” Wagner said.

There are 9 proposals in so far and many more expected to come, Wagner said.

“There is tremendous potential for creativity and energy and coming up with novel ideas,” Wagner said. “So we’re really looking forward to hearing what they propose and providing funds to make that possible.”

The proposal criteria and submission form can be found on the Metanoia on the Environment website.

Nicholas Hampton is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at nicholas.hampton@uconn.edu.

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