Thirsty Thursday: White Wine Spritzer


It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and if you’re anything like me you probably have a little extra wine in the fridge left over from last night. Whether it was from a wine night with some of your closest friends or a romantic date with your significant other, there is no sense in letting all that perfectly good wine go to waste. This week’s drink is a White Wine Spritzer, a classic drink that elevates your wine to the next level.


– 3 ounces of wine

– 1 ounce of seltzer

– Orange or lemon peel for garnish

Make sure you cool your wine and seltzer before preparing this recipe. For good measure, we also filled our wine glass with ice to ensure that our White Wine Spritzer was cold enough. Combine the wine and seltzer in a wine glass over ice. Garnish with the citrus fruit peel of your choice, but for our recipe we went with an orange. A White Wine Spritzer is traditionally made with Club soda, however in our recipe we used an orange flavored seltzer instead in hopes of tying the flavor of the drink to the garnish. Seltzer and club soda aren’t always interchangeable when it comes to a drink recipe—seltzer lacks the minerals that make club soda such a good mixer—but in this case you can get away with using either one.

The White Wine Spritzer was light and delicious, with just the perfect amount of carbonation from the seltzer. The orange flavored seltzer we used worked nicely with the wine, enhancing its flavors to create something that was tasty and classy. The garnish was also a nice touch, adding a certain level of sophistication to a relatively easy and cheap drink to make.

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