UCONNIC music festival presale begins


The presale for tickets to SUBOG’s UCONNIC music festival starts Monday and the organization is distributing tickets a little different from the past.

SUBOG will not be using a lottery system for tickets as they have for the past few years. Instead, students will log onto concert.subog.uconn.edu to buy tickets. The opportunity to purchase tickets begins today for students who pick up a ticket to SUBOG’s Sal Vulcano and Roy Wood Jr. comedy show. Students will receive a presale code that grants them access to buy concert tickets before general presale begins on Monday Feb. 19.

SUBOG concert chair Adam Sherif said SUBOG wanted to do away with the lottery to give students a more fair chance to see artists they like and crack down on reselling of tickets.

“Our goal is always that whoever wants to go to our event should be able to go without feeling like they have to go through obstacles,” Sherif said.

Sherif said many respondents to the concert survey SUBOG sent out earlier this semester said they didn’t like the lottery system. “It created a culture where it was a competition for students,” Sherif said.

Reselling of tickets was common under the lottery system, just as it is with UConn basketball season tickets, which are also sold in a lottery system. Sherif said it concerned the concert committee that students would enter the lottery just to win tickets and resell them at a higher price. “(Students) weren’t entering to go (to the concert). They were just entering to be lucky and win,” Sherif said.

SUBOG will be further discouraging reselling by only allowing the original purchaser of the ticket entry to the event. In other words, if you didn’t buy the ticket, you’re not getting in with it. Once students buy their tickets online, they will receive an email confirmation. They will then show the email confirmation at a designated wristband pickup prior to the music festival. The wristband will serve as the students’ entry.

Sherif said there will be about six opportunities to pick up a wristband ahead of the event, starting after spring break, in addition to allowing wristband pickup at the door. The wristband will also be tied to the original purchaser, and they will be required to show their ID both at wristband pickup and upon entry to the music festival.

Guest policies for previous concerts will remain in place. Students will still be allowed to purchase a guest ticket as well, and can pick up the wristband for their guest. Guests still must arrive to the festival with the student who purchased their ticket.

Prices for UCONNIC music festival tickets range from $10-$65, depending on which section the student wishes to be in. Students who get their wristbands earlier will be given seats lower in the section. Sherif recommends that students who want to be seated near friends pick up their wristbands together, as they will be assigned seats next to each other.

The UCONNIC music festival presale will run from Feb. 19 to March 2.

Schae Beaudoin is the life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at schae.beaudoin@uconn.edu.

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