Theta Delta Sigma, UConn’s gender-inclusive fraternity, is rushing new siblings


(Screenshot/Theta Delta Sigma website)

(Screenshot/Theta Delta Sigma website)

Theta Delta Sigma, the University of Connecticut’s only gender-inclusive, LGBTQ+ fraternity, is in the midst of recruiting new pledges for the Spring 2018 semester, according to Allison Rosaci, vice president of Theta Delta Sigma.

For Spring 2018, Theta Delta Sigma has completed their interview process, Rosaci said. Bids should be out within a week.

“Recruitment is going well. We just finished up our interviews and will be sending out bids soon,” Rosaci said. “We do practice 365 recruitment, meaning anyone can come and ask us questions and meet with us, but they can only rush during our rush week. It usually takes a few days to learn if you’ve received a bid – never more than a week.”

Rosaci said it is  “easy” to pledge to Theta Delta Sigma. All students, including non-LGBTQ+ students, are welcome to pledge, as long as they attend an information session and complete an interview.

“Anyone and everyone is welcome to pledge and the process isn’t too difficult,” Rosaci said. “We just ask that people come to at least one information session, do an interview, then after bids are received we have a six/seven week new member education program.”

Theta Delta Sigma currently has six members. Stephanie Reyes, president of Theta Delta Sigma, said the frat is a diverse group despite being small.

“As of right now, we have six active members, (five out of six) being a part of the LGBTQ+ community,” Reyes said. “Nationally, we have a well diversified demographic, but at UConn, since we have a small group, we are more limited but still diverse.”

According to the Theta Delta Sigma national website, the organization was founded at the University at Buffalo on April 15, 2001, by 14 undergraduates who wanted to unite people of all backgrounds in a society that was more inclusive. UConn’s chapter was created in 2015, Rosaci said.

Rosaci said there are many benefits to being a sibling of Theta Delta Sigma. One of the benefits is that its small size makes it easier for students to make close friendships.

“We’re a smaller organization so we all know each other very well and are really close,” Rosaci said. “I joined because I was interested in the cultural organizations at UConn and liked that Theta is multicultural, and thought it’d be a neat opportunity to join.”

Reyes said Theta Delta Sigma has helped her grow her leadership skills and find a support system at UConn.  

“I became involved with this organization as a charter member, being a part of the very first class at UConn. It’s definitely been an amazing experience, the leadership position has provided me with great skills and I have met many amazing new people through this organization,” Reyes said. “It’s like having a second family, that’s definitely my favorite part about being a sibling, the amazing support system.”

For UConn, Theta Delta Sigma helps students find allies on a large campus, build close personal friendships and become leaders, Rosaci said.

“We are unique to UConn as the only multicultural, gender inclusive, LGBTQ+ fraternity on campus, which is important because we are able to uplift marginalized voices and work to be the best allies we can be,” Rosaci said. “It’s always good to be aware that different groups need different things, and the best way to be an ally is to speak to members of that group to know what it is that you can do to help.”

The two main events Theta Delta Sigma has at UConn are Days of Diversity and Theta Week. Days of Diversity is a week-long event during the fall semester that celebrates diversity and raises awareness, Rosaci said.

Theta Week is very similar but it takes place in the spring semester and is always done the week of Founder’s Day, which is April 15, Rosaci said.

“We just try to put on some fun (and educational) events that people can go to not only to destress, but to learn about issues facing the people around them,” Rosaci said.

Another event Theta Delta Sigma does is New York Cares, Rosaci said. Members of the organization go into New York and participate in local volunteer opportunities.

“We go to NYC (usually with another chapter) and help out with any service projects they have,” Rosaci said. “Last time we went we helped paint/renovate a new school.”

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