Upcoming Women’s Self Defense Seminar hopes to create safer environment



For women, walking around a college campus by themselves can be a dangerous task. Before even stepping foot on a college campus, women are often encouraged by their family and friends to protect themselves from harm. This protection can come in the form of mace or a whistle or taking precautions when traveling, like walking in groups or in well-lit areas.

One of the most popular protective measures is a self-defense classes, which teach attendees ways they can protect themselves when they are faced with a dangerous situation. Women for Advancement intends to teach self-defense techniques students can use to protect themselves in their upcoming Women’s Self Defense Seminar.  

The event will take place this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom Room 331. The event is $5 and is open to anyone who is interested in learning self-defense. Jessica Co, a member of Women for Advancement, said people of all genders could benefit from self-defense techniques, not just women.

Women for Advancement is a group of University of Connecticut students who are working to become an organization, and they hope that their upcoming event will show UConn students what their organization hopes to impart on the greater school community.

According to a representative for Women for Advancement, the club hopes to make the seminar a large-scale campus-wide event. There are over 75 spots available, and all one has to do to engage in this seminar is to RSVP to jessica.co@uconn.edu. For those who do not RSVP to the event in time, Jessica Co still encourages them to come. The event will be taking walk-ins, so all that are interested are encouraged to stop by this weekend, Co said.

The seminar will be led by Co, who has utilized Kempo in her 12 years of experience with self-defense, according to an email sent out by a representative for the organization. Co also has considerable teaching experience after several summer programs at Watkinson School.

According to Jessica Co, Women for Advancement hopes participants will walk away from the event with a greater knowledge on how to protect themselves or diffuse a situation. Co believes the more people who engage in an event like the Women’s Self Defense Seminar, the safer the greater UConn community will become.

Taking a proactive stance by taking a self-defense class is a great way to create a safer campus community. It is the sad reality that college campuses can be an unsafe environment for their students, and learning self-defense techniques will ensure that more students are safe in case a dangerous event does arise.

Lauren Brown is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at lauren.brown@uconn.edu.

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