Adam J. Kuegler is running for Graduate Trustee


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Adam J. Kuegler, Juris Doctor graduate student, is running for University of Connecticut Graduate Trustee to provide students with the means to contribute their opinions to the board while promoting collaboration in the decision-making process, Kuegler said.

Kuegler said he is running to continue his work as Undergraduate Trustee in 2016-2017 under the same motto, “Breaking boundaries and building bridges.”

One issue from his time in Undergraduate Student Government that Kuegler said he would address as trustee is the lack of mental health services offered to students.

“My big issue was mental health. It was something I talked about quite a bit,” Kuegler said.

“We are going to be behind on the issue unless we start treating it right, until we start treating it with some equivalency, we are going to be behind the eight ball. We want to make sure resources are being allocated in a way that it has the least impact possible on students. There’s still more work to be done for a long time and I think we need to keep our foot on the gas for (this) issue.”

Kuegler said he will increase services for mental health by working with the administration.

“Keep administration accountable. It’s an important thing to do. It means everyone is doing their job,” Kuegler said. “When I was on the board I realized it’s as much about the small things, it’s about the big things.”

Along with holding the administration accountable, Kuegler said he promises to allow each member of UConn to play a part in his role as trustee.

“I can promise that everyone is going to have a seat at the table with me. That’s how it was last time,” Kuegler said. “Anything that happened on the board we did it together that stuff doesn’t get done unless everyone feels they can take a seat at that table.”

Kuegler said bringing more students to the table will result in greater collaboration across the student body.

“I have a proven record of bringing students together and harnessing the power of the student voice and turning it into action and fighting for issues important to students,” Kuegler said. “I have the working relationships to hit the ground running and effectively advocate for student needs on the Board of Trustees.”

  • Kuegler said he is running for Graduate Trustee in order to continue the work he started on the Undergraduate Board of Trustees in 2016-2017. He is campaigning with the same slogan he had last time: “Breaking boundaries and building bridges.”
  • Kuegler’s main goal is improving mental health services on campus. Kuegler said more resources are necessary in order to ensure the university is not behind in terms of mental health support.
  • Kuegler said he will make sure all students have a “seat at the table” so all voices can be taken into consideration when the board makes decisions. Kuegler said this will subsequently lead to better collaboration.

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