UCONNIC festival to feature outdoor attractions, music lineup to be announced Monday


(Courtesy/SUBOG website)

(Courtesy/SUBOG website)

The final details are ready for reveal on Monday March 5, when SUBOG will announce the music lineup for the UCONNIC music festival taking place April 12.

One major component of the festival will be outside Gampel’s doors, including food trucks, photo booths, a silent disco, vendors and other attractions on Jim Calhoun Way.

SUBOG concert chair Adam Sherif said the outdoor component of UCONNIC will allow students to not only experience something outside the concert, but also get involved in the festival itself.

Sherif said SUBOG wants to involve students in every aspect possible, from recruiting student DJs for the silent disco to hanging a backdrop created by an art student for attendees to take pictures in front of. He also wants to invite clubs to table or represent themselves and give them an opportunity to recruit anyway they want.

“I think clubs are creative, so they’re going to get creative,” Sherif said.

Sherif said the other ways SUBOG has involved students in the UCONNIC planning process, from a concert survey to a focus group, has been valuable in determining what students want. He said one of the multiple artists booked for the festival was the most requested artist on the survey, with over 70 percent of respondents requesting that artist.

Sherif said he’s taking on a “go-big-or-go-home” mentality with UCONNIC because he wants to make the festival something special and build students’ trust in SUBOG after last year’s cancelled Lil Uzi Vert spring concert.

“We had zero trust,” Sherif said of the mentality students had following last year’s cancellation. “People felt betrayed and like we were doing a terrible job and I don’t blame them.”

Sherif maintained he wants students to be excited about UCONNIC even if they aren’t fans of the artists because there’s a lot more to experience than a concert.

“We have the opportunity to do a million things,” Sherif said.

Milcah Sajous, SUBOG concert community development chair, said so far, four food trucks have been booked for the festival: Milkcraft, famous for their liquid nitrogen ice cream; Taco Tequila, a Mexican food truck; Mardi Parti, which features Cajun food; and Chompers, known for their fried food balls. Sajous said SUBOG is aiming to create “Instagram-worthy moments” by adding attractions in addition to the concert.

Sherif said students bought 1,000 tickets during the presale period so far: one-fifth of all tickets to UCONNIC. To put that in perspective, Sherif said last year’s spring concert sold 2,000 tickets overall. Students will be able to buy tickets in-person only on Monday at the release party and lineup announcement in the Student Union Ballroom. After that, regular sale tickets will open Tuesday March 6 online.

Sherif said the release party will have a Q&A portion that gives students a chance to ask about the concert committee’s decisions, another way to keep students’ perspective and opinions in mind. He said he doesn’t want students believing the concert decisions are made by a small group of people behind closed doors.

“In the past, it’s been a you-versus-us situation,” Sherif said. “[This time], it’s literally a huge collaborative effort.”

Schae Beaudoin is the life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at schae.beaudoin@uconn.edu.

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