Ag Biotechnology Lab evacuated due to wind damage


High winds caused by a bomb cyclone hitting Connecticut on Friday caused the evacuation of the University of Connecticut Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory, as a ventilation shaft for one of the labs was damaged, according to UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz.

The building is closed until further notice, Reitz said, until repairs can be made. No injuries were reported.

The shaft weights over 500 pounds and could cause a falling hazard, Reitz said, so the building was cleared for the occupants’ safety.

The building houses offices for professors as well as several labs for biology, food science and genetic research.

The building also houses several species of research animals, including mice, rats and hamsters. The animals are allowed to remain in the building, Reitz said, and the appropriate care personnel are being allowed in to maintain them.

The surrounding buildings, which include the Agricultural Technology Lab, The Dairy Bar and the George C. White Building, will remain open and operate as usual, Reitz said.

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