Column: Red Sox-Yankees rivalry needs some bad blood


Spring training is underway and offseason acquisitions are virtually over. The Red Sox wrapped up JD Martinez while the Yankees acquired Giancarlo Stanton. The Astros are favorites to repeat and unquestionably uber talented, but both Boston and New York are right on their tail. In my opinion it is a certainty one of, if not both, will reach the ALCS this fall.

Both may reach the ALCS, but both cannot win the AL East and hopefully that divisional race will lead to some compelling theatre. On the field that is. Both teams have talented youth, the Killer B’s in Boston, and Judge, Sanchez, and Torres in the Bronx. They also have vets like the aforementioned Martinez and Stanton who will provide firepower. If they perform to their capability, the Red Sox pitching staff should be quite strong, but the Yanks aren’t far behind.

Both have new managers, one-time ESPN colleagues Alex Cora (Boston) and Aaron Boone (New York). With the new skippers at the helm, there is some freshness and trail blazing to take place. While on the field rivalry and intensity is phenomenal, a lot of what makes and made Red Sox-Yankees the pinnacle rivalry in sports happens outside game action.

I will never forget the Pedro-Don Zimmer fiasco.

Even more delightful as a Boston guy was A-Rod getting his after slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s glove. 

But it feels like it’s been awhile. I was talking with someone and I can’t remember anything all that genuine since Ryan Dempster threw at Rodriguez upon his return. But even that was an act for all of baseball in theory, not a Boston-New York fan.

Maybe it came with the Boston winning, the pink hats and the loss of contempt that led to blood broiling. No matter the cause, I miss it.

I’m not advocating a pitcher throwing a deliberate beanball or someone concocting something BS petty argument. To borrow from Pardon My Take, it would be a real shame for someone to do something out of line.

What I do hope for is something to bring some juice. No malice, or injury, or events leading to humungous repercussions. Just give me something to hate the Yankees for more than Aaron Judge’s gap teeth. On the field it will be feisty again, but is a little something on the side too much to ask?

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