Roundtable: What are you doing over Spring Break?


Daily Campus Life section talks about their Spring Break plans. (Rennle413/Creative Commons Flickr)

Julia Mancini, Associate Life Editor

While I’m not actually going anywhere very exciting over spring break, I am looking forward to it because of its proximity to Easter. Coming from a super Italian family, we have a lot of food-related traditions. Since I’ll have time to help my family with holiday prep during the week, we’ll make sweet Easter wheat pies, savory pizzagaina and other meat breads, as well. Other than that, I’ll probably make a staycation out of it and reconnect with all my friends that are coming home, too. I’m also planning to get a head start on some summer shopping and catch up on sleep, which honestly sounds more appealing to me than stressing out over planning a vacation!

Alexandra Houdeshell, Staff Writer

In a family of runners, I can remember one of my first road races pretty clearly. It was this big St. Patrick’s Day event raising money for Operation Smile, where I used to live in Virginia Beach. They had races ranging from a one miler for kids all the way up to a full fledged marathon. In elementary school I never graduated beyond that one mile struggle but my older sister started running 10K races and half-marathons. Even after we moved from Virginia to Connecticut, she kept running races. This year, over Spring Break, my family will be flying down to Virginia Beach for a few days so we can be there to run this race for the first time in seven years, and for my sister’s first marathon.

Lauren Brown, Staff Writer

Despite spring break being only a couple of days away, this week’s cold weather has only made me more excited for my upcoming trip to Miami, Florida. As far as spring break destinations go, Miami was a pretty easy choice. Warm weather, great nightlife and beaches, what else could you want out of your break? My friends and I are all a bit introverted, so we don’t plan to spend our entire trip waiting on lines for nightclubs. Instead, we are planning to go on several art, food and bike tours around the city. One person in my group also insists that our trip should be 80s themed in honor of “Miami Vice,” so we are definitely going to be doing our fair share of rollerblading by the beach. My friends really enjoy planning ahead, so our food, drink and activity budget is already set. More than anything I am just looking forward to sitting on the beach and getting a tan.

Daniel Cohn, Campus Correspondent

I’m going to Tampa for spring break to see my dad’s side of the family. It might not have the sex appeal of Miami or the Disney allure of Orlando, but having spent many spring weeks in the Big Guava, I’m not disappointed in the slightest. I’ll be seeing my dad’s family, more specifically my grandparents, uncle and aunt. My grandfather and uncle have been Tampons (sorry) long enough to really solder in that great southern accent, which my dad has lost to years of northeastern smoothing. Some other anticipated highlights include: getting quality Mexican food (come on Storrs, pull it together. Student Union burritos are decent but Moe’s isn’t. Someone open a legit taqueria and you have my business four days a week). There’s a place in Tampa called the Taco Bus. It’s just tacos made in an old school bus turned kitchen. Absolutely scrumptious. So yeah, family and tacos. That’s my spring break.

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