Spring Cleaning: Make room for Easter bunnies instead of dust bunnies


(Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus)

As the sun starts shining through the windows again, all of the dust, old food and piles of dirty laundry that have built up over the winter become overwhelmingly obvious. It’s time to break out those Clorox wipes, unpack your Swiffer and make your living space a little more livable. The semester may be ending in a month, but a cleaner room can bring peace of mind to those beginning to stress over the approaching finals and scary long-term assignment due dates.

  1. Put on some jams. If you’re not pretending to be Snow White, then you’re doing it wrong.
  2. Stuff your dirty laundry and sheets into the washing machine. If any of your shoes are particularly mucky or salty from the sidewalks, they should be put in their own machine or cleaned by hand in the sink.
  3. Look through your snacks. If anything looks questionable or is expired, then it might be time to throw them away. The rest of your snacks should be placed in a bin or some other container or shelf, otherwise they will look messy and take up space in your room.
  4. Move some of your large portable furniture and objects into the hallways. If you have a vacuum, then make sure to use it on your rugs if you have any. RAs tend to have vacuums if you need to borrow one. Once all of your furniture and larger objects are outside of your room, take a Swiffer or broom and sweep up the place. Dust and trash on the ground isn’t healthy for people with seasonal allergies, so focus on the corners of the room and under your bed and desk.
  5. Bring your stuff back inside, but put it away neatly. If your system of organization has been failing over the past semester, maybe it’s time to come up with a new one. Just remember that leaving things haphazardly on the floor looks more messy than if they were thrown in a bin.
  6. It’s time to use your Clorox wipes. They can be used on pretty much any surface. Get at your window pane, your desk, your bed frame and even your walls if you’re ambitious. Make sure to hit up places that are touched on a regular basis like your doorknob or your lightswitch. People are sneezing all over campus right now, so getting at these hot spots for germs is the best way to protect yourself from getting sick.
  7. Step back. Look at your room. Isn’t it a more pleasant place to work? Maybe it took a little effort, but now you can bring a date here.

Cleaning can be a little annoying, but it always brings great results both in the appearance of your room and to your own health. So don’t get intimidated by all the dust – it can’t hurt you. Go face your fears and get started on making your room a whole lot nicer.

Rebecca Maher is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at rebecca.maher@uconn.edu.


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