Campus Cafe Critiques: Wilbur Cross an elegant and beautiful coffee stop


Wilbur Cross is home to one of UConn's many cafes. Also inside are several study areas, Residential Life, and Financial Aid. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

Wilbur Cross is home to one of UConn’s many cafes. Also inside are several study areas, Residential Life, and Financial Aid. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

Wilbur’s is up there on my list of favorite cafes. If the name itself didn’t give it away, it is located in Wilbur Cross. The building’s exterior is old and elegant, but its interior has been renovated and looks very modern. Wilbur Cross is gorgeous, and walking into it feels almost like walking into a different world.

The cafe has its own sitting area, which is made up of a few tables near the cafe and a few more in the corner. The area is adorned with art and is charming, but it’s small and fills up easily. There’s often competition for the tables, and it’s not uncommon to see people jump up as soon as someone else leaves the cafe. The nice thing about Wilbur Cross, is that the entire building is full of study areas, so even if the cafe sitting area is full, it isn’t hard to find some place to sit.

The building is UConn’s old library, but it is now used for offices like Residential Life and Financial Aid, and the unused spaces have been converted to study areas. Because of this, the entire building is quiet. In relation to the other UC Cafes, Wilbur’s gets the top score in regards to how calming and tranquil it is. Most of the cafes are good places to meet with friends between classes, but Wilbur’s is the best for getting work done and studying.

Because of its offices and its location on campus, Wilbur’s gets a lot of foot traffic. The cafe often has a long line, but I’m always surprised by how fast it moves. The workers do a great job at keeping things moving and serving customers in a timely manner. Plus, Wilbur’s is the most accommodating of the UC Cafes. It offers NOSH Kosher sandwiches and has almond milk and skim milk available.

I have no complaints about their coffee. The cafe has self-serve for both hot and iced coffee, and their coffee is brewed well; and is consistent good coffee. It’s not as good as the Chem Cafe’s, but I’ve never had a cup from there that tastes burnt or watered-down.

Wilbur’s menu is very straightforward, too. Every flavor and syrup you can add to your coffee is listed out on the counter, and they have pamphlets with their soup schedule on them. There’s no guesswork involved; everything is written down in front of you, so ordering is easy and stress-free.

Overall, Wilbur’s is just a nice, tranquil cafe. Its white and wood design along with its skylights make the area bright with natural lighting. It is very clean-looking and is a perfect place to stop between classes or when you need to get work done.

The only real downside to the cafe is that it closes early – at 3 p.m. – but due to its close proximity to both the Beanery and the Chem Cafe, it isn’t that much of an inconvenience.

Rating: 4.6/5

Courtney Gavitt is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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