USG lives up to mission, helps with inclusivity


USG holds a caucus for new members in the Student Union. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Last week, the Undergraduate Student Government met for their weekly meeting and accomplished a great many things. According to an article in the Daily Campus, items discussed included funding board organization, a resolution on LGBTQIA+ inclusivity, a bill on the number of bike racks and a bill that would amend the spring 2018 budget. All of the above bills passed.

USG’s funding board is one of the hardest working committees in the entire organization. They are directly responsible for choosing which organizations on campus are within their rights to get funding for a specific event. As the main provider of fee money for student clubs, USG has a duty to make sure the process moves along as simply and efficiently as possible. That duty also means that funding board members should have something to take away from their experience. While it is nobodies decision except for USG’s on the issue of whether or now the board should be paid, if it is something that will make the funding process easier, than it is certainly worth discussing.

Additionally, USG passed a resolution to bring about more LGBTQI+ inclusivity. This was a continuation of a town hall event that USG held in conjunction with the Rainbow Center a few weeks back. The bill included language calling for “increased LGBTQIA+ faculty, gender-inclusive restrooms, inclusive housing, funding for LGBTQIA2+ student scholarships, queer-themed classes and implementing a mandatory online module that teaches cultural sensitivity” according to the Daily Campus.

This is a vital thing for many students on campus. All students deserve the right to attend a school that caters to their learning and basic needs. The above measures help to serve those in the LGBTQIA+ population and help make UConn a more inclusive place.

USG gets a lot criticism for voting on and discussing things that might not necessarily serve the student body. This newspaper has certainly been critical of USG’s meeting and legislative history.

Last week’s meeting, however, shows that USG is working to make sure that they serve all students in as large of a capacity as possible. USG is the main representation body for undergraduate students as open to students as possible they are living out their mission. Their work should be applauded and hopefully they stay on this track in the future.   

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