Profile of incoming SUBOG president Adam Sherif


Sherif said next year, he is hoping SUBOG will plan more original events and experiences while focusing on quantity over quality in its programming. (Photo provided by writer)

Adam Sherif, a sixth-semester finance major who currently serves as Concert Chair for the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG), will be the organization’s 2018-19 president.

SUBOG is an on-campus organization run by and for students to fill in the gaps between classes and complement students’ experiences at UConn through events and programming, Sherif said.

“While students learn and develop their education in class, through SUBOG’s programming they’re able to enhance their college experiences and make them a little bit more memorable,” Sherif said.

Sherif said he joined SUBOG because he’s always been interested in working behind-the-scenes of events.

“I never enjoyed attending events and always wanted to know what went in to the planning of them,” Sherif said. “There aren’t that many places where you get the opportunity to plan things that are so large and so detailed, so it’s a privilege.”

Sherif said next year, he is hoping SUBOG will plan more original events and experiences while focusing on quality over quantity in its programming.

“I think we’re very big on traditions, and it’s easy to fall into a trap of, ‘we did this last year, let’s just copy and paste it and do it again,’ when in reality there’s always room for improvement,” Sherif said.

Sherif said he’s hoping SUBOG will focus on quality over quantity in the future.

“We’re a large campus with a large student body,” Sherif said. “We have a different student body and a different outlet of resources, and therefore our events should reflect that.”

Additional 2018-19 officers include incoming VP of Programming Addie Lotito, incoming VP of Administration Sunjay Venkatraman, incoming VP of Membership Development Seliana Seradieu, incoming VP of Finance Margot Astorino and incoming Outreach Chairs Nick Bartos and Emily Robertson. Incoming Committee chairs are Ryan Banigan (Concert), Rob Lepore (Major Weekends), Colton Kopcik (Comedy), Jayne Lemire (Film), Thomas Fauci (Special Events) and Autumnsarah Foster-Pagett (Sports Promotion).

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