UConn College Republicans endorse Lumaj for governor


(Screenshot via UConn College Republicans Facebook page)

The University of Connecticut College Republicans officially endorsed Fairfield attorney Peter Lumaj for governor of Connecticut this past Wednesday, according to a statement released on the UConn College Republicans Facebook page.

President of the UConn College Republicans Timothy Sullivan said in the statement that his confidence in Lumaj’s candidacy lies in his belief that Lumaj is the only candidate with true conservative ideologies.

“Peter [Lumaj] is unequivocally the conservative candidate in this race,” Sullivan said. “He understands the significant structural changes that must be made to restore Connecticut’s fiscal health. More importantly, he understands how much personal freedom means to our citizens and will prioritize the defense of our liberty.” 

Sullivan added that the supportive relationship Lumaj has had with the College Republicans played a role in his endorsement.

“Peter has been a longtime friend of the organization and has gone out of his way to help our members many times,” Sullivan said. “We are grateful for his support and are confident in his dedication to the future of our state.”

Lumaj, a refugee from Albania, currently works as an immigration attorney in New York. An outspoken supporter of President Trump, Lumaj was offered the job of ambassador to Albania, but turned it down “because I think I can serve the state better than being overseas,” according to the CT Mirror.

Lumaj’s campaign for governor promotes a smaller government with a focus on economic prosperity, according to his website.

“Common sense conservative reforms will provide Connecticut with a long-term plan for prosperity,” Lumaj’s website said. “Peter’s Plan for lower taxes, a predictable, competitive economic growth climate and a vibrant job market will encourage people and businesses to stay in Connecticut.”

The UConn College Democrats are not currently endorsing a primary candidate for governor, said outgoing President Stevie Della-Giustina.

Andrew Miano is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at andrew.miano@uconn.edu.

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