Commuter Corner: Finals are coming?


Homer Babbidge Library sees it’s traffic pick up substantially as finals approach (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

All right, I’m hoping that most people are not as confused by this as I am, but I needed to ask the question.

Are finals seriously next week?

I’m usually super prepared for everything related to school. I have all the deadlines to projects planned out and I get it all done early in the week. I have alerts on my phone and two separate calendars. I deal with school stress by overly planning out my life. That should explain why I’m so surprised that finals are next week. How did I miss this?

There’s only one culprit that I can place full blame on: the weather. Hear me out.

It hailed last week. It was absolutely awful and my feet stayed blue for a few hours after making my way home. My umbrella buckled under the pressure of both normal rain and frozen rain, to top it all off. This, of course, was after weeks upon weeks of random snowfall followed by a single day of nice weather that was just ruined once more by a drop in temperature. Granted, I should have checked the weather beforehand and adjusted my attire accordingly, but I wanted spring so badly that I just couldn’t believe that winter was still going on. My mind knew that my calendar said it was well into April, but my heart said “This feels a lot more like February.”

So my heart, body and soul all thought, “Well, it’s February. No need to stress about finals. They’re too far in the future.” Last week, my mind finally got through to the rest of me, and I’ve been suppressing the fear that big tests bring me ever since.

I’m really only afraid of one final: my Q course. But that’s the very first final I have and it’s on the very first finals day. And I haven’t really studied. I’ve been doing the eight-page paper that’s due for the class instead.

Has anybody else been taken aback by the proximity of finals week? If you’ve been sliding through the year without really a care in the world and suddenly you realized it’s right there, that’s not what I’m talking about. If you were ready and had a schedule and the world was right for you and suddenly finals are here, that’s the problem I’m facing.

I know, I’ve lost a lot of people with the whole planning idea in the first place, let alone losing track of time, but the weather seriously did make a huge impact on me without me realizing it. I’m going to have to mass-study pretty soon once the projects are done, but I feel like that’s a boat many people are in.

Hannah Desrosiers is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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