Editorial: Why you should ask for help on your homework


The W Center can be a great resource for writing assingnments (Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus)

This time of year is when students tend to get the most stressed. All the last term papers and problem sets are due and it is almost time to start studying for finals. Courses also tend to get more difficult at the end of the semester, so most people tend to struggle with homework and course load at this time. It is important to keep in mind that there are resources on campus to help students overcome difficult material, and they are encouraged to come forward and ask for help.

The most evident reason to seek help on assignments is that it promotes higher academic performances and grades. The commonly-known notion that it is easier to improve academic performance by getting help with schoolwork is true. Tutoring, for instance, is one of the main ways to get homework help. A study done by the United States Department of Education states that “students with below-average reading skills who are tutored by volunteers show significant gains in reading skills when compared with similar students who do not receive tutoring from a quality tutoring program” . Another form of homework help, particularly in younger children, is parents. A UConn study done by Loretta Waldman and Angran Li discusses the effectiveness of homework help on students from low income homes. The study mentions that “‘the poor performance kids, they required more help,’ Li notes. ‘But when they were really helped, they actually improved’” and “when kids are not doing well at school, parents are more likely to help with their homework. That’s why we observe this negative correlation between parent help with homework and student achievement.” The benefits of seeking academic support, whether it be through homework help or group preparation for exams are very prominent and thus pose a great incentive to make use of these resources.

Struggling with academic material is very common, and many would agree that it causes a great deal of frustration. An ongoing feeling of frustration, especially before exams, can causes a great deal of stress. When more than one person is working on difficult material, different perspectives come together and contribute to each others’ understanding. This is why it is important to collaborate with other students or to seek help with difficult material, because it reduces frustration and stress. These forms of cooperation also help students build connections and meet new people, especially group work. They are an effective way to meet students of similar academic pursuits and interests and make connections on campus.


  1. Sometimes I’m in the mood to do my homework on my own, and sometimes I have more important things to do, or the assignment is very difficult. In such cases I always use help with geometry homework , because all my classmates do it. This really helps me to learn better and saves time. I wish they would cancel homework in general. Who needs it anyway?

  2. My heart goes out to this initiative. In fact, I hope that education is progressing in India. Look what the whole world is doing with it. My daughter, for example, has been doing distance learning for almost several months and is falling behind drastically. We check do my java homework for me in the moments of hard shortages, but I really think that the world will soon come to its senses.

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