Summer Fashion: How to be so hot it’ll melt your popsicle


(Courtesy/Charlotte Russe)

(Courtesy/Charlotte Russe)

To the shock and awe of everyone on campus, it’s warm out in Storrs. This wintry spring has melted away and people are beginning to sweat in their long sleeves and pants. It’s time to end this semester of snowstorms and freezing weather and embrace the cooler clothes of summertime.

With hot weather comes swimsuit season, and you can’t be caught dead in last year’s bathing suit. This isn’t just a matter of fashion; you will be more comfortable in a swimsuit that isn’t worn out and that better fits your body. But what kind should you be looking for?

High-waisted bikinis are back and cuter than ever. Cosmopolitan recommends a variety ranging from scalloped to strappy. Brighter colors are very in for this summer and will make you pop at any pool party, but you can never go wrong with colors like navy, black or pale pink.

One-pieces are also very in, and come in several unexpected styles. One surprising trend is that many of the ones on the market resemble regular clothes. They do this in texture, accessories and cut. This can be seen in the new style of belts around the waist of some swimsuits and different styles of sleeve. There are also a number of gorgeous cuts that will help to accentuate your body even if you binged out on candy instead of hitting up the gym for those last few stressful weeks of school. This includes one-pieces that resemble the high-waisted style of bikinis with cut-outs toward the top of the belly. Bows, ruffles and patterns can also help to make you feel gorgeous and confident this summer.

Shorts are also back in a number of different styles. There are mini shorts that will make your legs look miles long, cuffed shorts that give a nod to the return of ‘80s fashion, pajama style that will simultaneously make you feel comfortable and like a 2000s pop star, and several unique cuts. There are also a variety of textures and patterns including leather, denim, floral, sequined and cloth.

Tops are leaning toward both pastel and crayola-esque colors. Puffy sleeves are in and adorable, as are long blazers. You’ll feel as put together as Elizabeth James in “The Parent Trap” with these two looks paired together.

Skater dresses, rompers and jumpsuits with bows and cutouts are going to take the summer by storm with their sunny colors and floral patterns. Short, white lace dresses will also make you look gorgeous with their concert and beach vibes.

People will flock around you this summer begging for fashion advice and telling you how amazing you look. So don’t hold onto your comfy sweaters and boyfriend jeans for too long. There are so much clothes just waiting to be tried on.

Rebecca Maher is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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