KCONN presents their first SEOULAR Charity Showcase


Student performers raise money for Korean refugees in the Student Union Theater Tuesday night. (Nicholas Hampton/The Daily Campus)

K-Pop dance group KCONN presented their first SEOULAR Charity Showcase to benefit the organization Liberty at the Student Union Tuesday evening.

Seoular is the dance team under KCONN.

Liberty is an organization that seeks to save refugees from North Korea and guide them to freedom without any cost, according to their website. The event had a fee to enter and all proceeds go to benefit the organization.

“KCONN chose Liberty because the organization is the Korean Student Association beneficiary,” KCONN president and math-stats major Jenny Tang said.

“We believe that Liberty in North Korea was most culturally associated with our club,” Tang said. “Even though small steps are currently being taken in the Koreas, there is still much more that can be done for North Korean citizens.”

Preparation for the event began at the beginning of the semester, according to KCONN public relations chair, eighth-semester psychology major Tien Nguyen.

“By hosting our own showcase, we had more freedom as well as something for the members to be proud about,” Nguyen said.

According to Nguyen, this was the first performance for a few of the KCONN members. The audience was vital in hyping up the dancers.

“We want a loud audience because performing for a quiet audience is actually quite tough,” Nguyen said.

Tang also mentioned that memorizing a dance is not easy and that it was important for friends to come watch.

“A lot of these people are doing multiple dances,” Tang said, making it more motivating for performers to be on stage.

The night began with a dance with all the seniors in the organizations. Members of the audience cheered on their seniors as they performed for the audience.

Right before the performances were set to begin, some audience members were invited on stage to dance to K-Pop hit singles. Their consolation prizes were gift cards and prizes from sponsors of the event such as Love Art Sushi. The MC’s of the night also cracked jokes before each performance and engaged the audience in the performances.

The energy the seniors brought for the opening of the performance set the stage for the first part of the show before intermission.

Some standout moments of the show included a solo performance by second-semester Alexa Thomas, dance team ILLUMIN8 and a medley of throwback K-Pop songs.

Audience members laughed and cheered on their friends as they danced to old and new K-Pop hits. Even before performers went on stage to perform, members of the audience were already cheering and calling out their friends’ names.

Tang said she wanted the showcase to show that K-Pop is not anything to be frowned upon.

“My goal for the showcase is for us to show the audience that K-Pop is not about ‘feminine-looking men with guyliner dancing in tight clothes,’ as my friend once kindly said,” Tang said.

Nguyen invited students in the audience to come to future KCONN meetings.

“We hold workshops every week and accept anyone,” Nguyen said. “No prior dance experience is needed, we are mainly there to have fun and listen to music we love.”

Kimberly Nguyen is the associate managing editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at kimberly.nguyen@uconn.edu.

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