Roundtable: Favorite UConn memory


(Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Lauren Brown, Staff Writer

As a handler for Jonathan XIV, I have had the opportunity to attend events I otherwise would not have been able to. In Fall 2016 I signed up to take him to a football game, one of my favorite events to attend with him. Jonathan XIV gets to walk on the field with the players and there is something truly inspiring about standing on the field and seeing all of the UConn fans cheering for our school. Just a few weeks before the game, I was told that ESPN would be doing a feature on Jonathan XIV during the game. We were followed around by a cameraman all day who got shots of us bringing him to and around the football game. Jonathan XIV went up to fans and ate ice cream on camera, making the finished product wonderful and adorable. The filming process combined with the excitement from the football game really makes this stand out as one of my favorite UConn memories.

Melissa Scrivani, Associate Life Editor

Since I’m only a sophomore I still have a lot of memories to make, but my time at UConn so far has been really fun. I’ve made a lot of good memories and it’s really hard to pick just one, but many of the moments that stick out to me most are ones that I didn’t plan. Small things like running into Jonathan, exploring new areas on campus, going to events I normally wouldn’t go to and deciding to go out on a whim have ended up being my favorite experiences. Joining the Daily Campus has given me a lot of opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and attend various lectures, performances and other events I otherwise would never have attended. College is the perfect time to try new things and do as much as you can, so I’ve been trying to do exactly that.

Julia Mancini, Life Editor

While I haven’t been here at UConn long, it has been a memorable two years. One of my favorite memories has to be my birthday. The past two years, it has fallen on one of the first days of classes during spring semester. Getting back to school and celebrating with my friends has become something I look forward to. My friends and I will get dinner or lunch and enjoy our free time before classes get into full swing. The tree by Mirror Lake is still covered in the blue string lights at the time and for the past two years now I’ve gotten a really nice picture by it on my birthday. That, and sushi, has become something of a tradition. I have three more birthdays to spend here in Storrs and I look forward to each of them. Being featured on Jonathan’s Instagram my freshman year is a close second, though. UConn has given me so many amazing memories to look back on and I can’t wait for everything else it brings me!

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