Editorial: New bus route creates detrimental changes


(Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus)

UConn Transportation Services recently announced changes to the bus system at the university. These route alterations have already caused some confusion among those who had spent time familiarizing themselves with the old routes, and many see them as unnecessary and detrimental.

One of the biggest changes is that some routes no longer service as many parts of campus as they once did. For example, the Red line no longer includes Towers, and the Blue line does not go through Hilltop Apartments. Students living in these areas have already expressed dismay with this, as it may potentially take them much longer to get to and from class. They are also frustrated with having to relearn the routes.

Bus routes can have a significant impact on the daily schedules of students. When someone relies on a bus to get to their 8 A.M. class or to get across campus in a reasonable amount of time, they need good options that can get them there quickly. And in inclement weather, which UConn experiences its fair share of, not having a good alternative for getting to and from class could potentially be dangerous.

Based on the negative student reaction it would appear that the UConn Transportation Services did not seek input from a great deal of students when considering the implementation of these adjustments, although it is difficult to say for sure as they have not yet commented on the general pushback from students. The purpose of a bus system is to ease access to campus for students who have to travel long distances or cope with inclement weather, which UConn certainly sees its fair share of. However, it is abundantly clear that these modifications just limit the travel options for students.

It is unlikely that these negative effects were intentional, they’re most likely the byproduct of some other motivation for the changes. But as we are at a point when there are almost certainly going to be problems with the new routes, at least according to the students who probably know best, UConn Transportation Services is obligated to reevaluate their decision. They do not necessarily have to go back to the exact original routes, but they need to listen to student concerns and do their best to make adjustments accordingly. There is still a month left before the start of the semester, and they can either fix it now to alleviate student apprehension or choose to leave the routes as they are and be inundated with complaints this fall.

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