Freshman move in weekend at UConn


There's a lot freshmen need to do on their own, but Husky Haulers are always there to help on move in day. (Charlotte Lao)

There’s a lot freshmen need to do on their own, but Husky Haulers are always there to help on move in day. (Charlotte Lao)

Under the blazing hot sun, incoming freshmen from all over the world got settled into their dorms with the help of the Husky Haulers. It was early for most students, but coffee kept me alive this particular morning. Walking into my own college dorm for the first time was kind of surreal; it felt like my entire childhood flashed before my eyes as I was preparing for the start of adulthood.

Personally, I was terrified to live away from home, meet new people and take challenging classes. The dorms were humid, but that didn’t take away any of the nerves or excitement of decorating my room and meeting my roommates. Decorating was probably one of my favorite parts of moving in; my vision of the perfect-looking dorm had finally come to life.

I have to admit, I was anxious throughout the first week of college, just trying to adapt to the changes taking place in my life, while getting used to a new schedule. It’s scary being in a new place with unfamiliar faces, but luckily for myself, I was able to form a supportive friend group fairly quickly.

WOW was a fantastic experience! It was a bit exhausting, to be completely honest, getting up early and being out and about until late evening; however, I do appreciate that the university provided the incoming freshman with guides to show us around the school and give us advice that we will be able to use for the next four years ahead of us. Some of the best and most memorable parts of move-in weekend were when I met my roommates and connected with new people and found my “pack.” I definitely feel that we are a very accepting community, which I love, because we introduced ourselves during WOW using our pronouns, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

The heat was a real struggle. It was difficult to sleep at night and walk to classes without carrying at least five water bottles in my backpack. Hydration saved my life, but I wish the filtered water in Alumni worked all the time and not just occasionally. Luckily, the dining halls and most of the lecture halls are air conditioned, and a freezing shower in ninety-degree weather is always a must.

It was difficult for me to adjust from home to college: On one hand, I had my parents there to do my laundry and make my dinners; and on the other, I had to become independent and learn how to cook ramen. The struggle is real but worth it.

College so far has felt liberating; you are your own person and can decide how you live, and for the first time, there’s no one nagging you! You can eat as much ice cream as you want!

Stopping by Freshens to grab an acai energy smoothie was definitely on my to-do list move-in weekend. The idea of being able to eat whenever you want—and however much you want—is truly a blessing. Seeing Jonathan the Husky for the first time in person (or, dog), being introduced to all of my professors and classes, going to my first block party, trying my first piece of sushi at Oriental Cafe in Storrs Center and seeing the torch light up as we celebrated my incoming class of 2022 all contributed to the incredible experience of WOW and adjusting to UConn as an incoming freshman.

Lilly Pastrana is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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