Let’s go listen to ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’


The Kooks, pictured here during a 2011 concert, released their fifth album this week.  (Aurelien M/Flickr, Creative Commons)    

The Kooks, pictured here during a 2011 concert, released their fifth album this week. (Aurelien M/Flickr, Creative Commons)


Let go of your worries with “Let’s Go Sunshine,” the fifth album from British alternative rock group The Kooks. This mellow new album is perfect to put on for an afternoon of relaxing with friends or just for some background music while doing homework.

The songs have a generally feel-good, chill vibe and can probably please most listeners. Although I am not a big alternative or indie fan, I can say that I was pleased with the songs, probably because many of them are pleasant tracks focusing on romantic struggles and triumphs. The band’s sound is mostly relaxing because many of the songs are slower and there aren’t any jarring crescendos.

One notable song is “All the Time,” a song about lifelong love and the struggle to find it. The singer seems to be pursuing a reluctant or unsure lover and letting him/her know that he truly wants this lover to be with him until death do them part.

“I want you to be here all the time/ I want you to be here when I die,” the singer croons.

Lead vocalist Luke Pritchard reflected on the inspiration for the song back in July in an interview on BBC 1’s “The One Show.”

“I was thinking about the tussle of love. Love probably isn’t the giddy, great highs and great lows of fighting and passion. What love probably is is respect,” said Pritchard.

Another sweet, rocky song is “Fractured and Dazed.” It captures the singer’s best times with his significant other, back when they weren’t “fractured and dazed.” He continues to assure the significant other that “[he’ll] never give your love away” and that “[he’ll] never give you up.” The song also features some whimsical imagery in lines like “Blue eyes/ And a flicker of wonder in you” and “Five hundred years in the wild with you.”

The last song on the album, “No Pressure” is a breezy, happy finale to a sweet record. The song is upbeat, cheerful and captures the beginning of a relationship. The singers’ voices fade out at the end of the song, leaving listeners wanting more of The Kooks by the end of the album.

“‘No Pressure’’s just a song about falling in love. Like the bubble at the beginning of love and wanting to get to know more,” Luke Pritchard said in a video released on Instagram. “I hope people get joy when they listen to it.

From Let’s Go Sunshine, out now.

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Overall, the album’s songs work together to fully and authentically portray all of the many feelings that come along with romantic relationships.

Thanks to the sweet, romantic images conveyed in the songs, listeners are sure to feel cheerful and carefree at the conclusion of “Let’s Go Sunshine.

Rating: 4.5/5

Stephanie Santillo is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at stephanie.santillo@uconn.edu 

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