Tokyo Ramen: A delicious and affordable option in the University plaza


Our Rebecca Maher recently checked out Tokyo Ramen (far right) (Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus)

Tokyo Ramen is an amazing little restaurant that just opened up in University Plaza in Storrs Center. It has a pleasant atmosphere, with a relatively small dining area and dark panelling on the walls. Its dim lighting mingled with the muted sound of K-pop in the background makes it the perfect destination for dates and hangouts with friends. There are plenty of options to choose from, and all the food is delicious, beautifully plated and served in filling portions that even the pickiest eaters would want to try.

Besides their obvious specialty of ramen, Tokyo Ramen serves a variety of sides that are absolute must-tries for any foodie. The scallion pancakes are served as four triangles layered on a plate, with a dish of soy sauce to dip them in. They look incredibly appealing to the eye and are absolutely addictive from the first bite. Their edges are golden brown and crispy from being pan-fried, and they come out piping hot. Despite being fried, they are delicious and leave a refreshing taste in your mouth. They’re priced at just under $5 and are worth every penny.

Another amazing side offered on their menu is the pork buns. An order of pork buns will get you two buns for a little less than $5 as well. Again, they are nicely plated and delicious. The bun itself is very soft and adds substance to its filling to make it almost as satisfying as a complete meal. The buns are filled with perfectly cooked pork, cucumbers and a sweet and savory sauce. For someone who has never tried pork buns, this dish is the perfect taster.

Among the many types of ramen offered at Tokyo Ramen, their torikotsu is one of the best. It consists of delicious noodles, fried chicken, a hard-boiled egg soaked in soy sauce, bean sprouts and scallions. All of these ingredients are combined in a rich chicken broth that will take you back to the chicken noodle soups of your childhood. The variety of ingredients within the ramen make it so every bite is a new experience in itself. It’s light, but filling and good to the last drop.

All of the ramen options are sold at just under $13, except for the vegetarian option which is just under $11, making Tokyo Ramen relatively affordable for college students.

The only downside to the experience of dining there was that the emptiness of the dining area made our group feel like the waitstaff was constantly watching us. It left us all feeling judged in addition to happily full. Hopefully, as Storrs becomes more acquainted with this restaurant, the dining area will fill up and that feeling will disappear.

Overall, Tokyo Ramen is a great place to go when you need something to stimulate your taste buds after a month or two of same old-same old dining hall food. It’s delicious, affordable, has ridiculously fast service and is a welcome addition to University Plaza.

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