Trainor delays gratification with late release of ‘TREAT MYSELF’


Meghan Trainor performs at the iHeartRadio MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday, Aug. 26, 2018, in Toronto. (Photo by Jess Baumung/Invision/AP)

While Aug. 31, 2018 was supposed to be the time to treat yourself with Meghan Trainor’s third album “TREAT MYSELF,” the singer is forcing you to delay gratification for a few more months with a new expected release date of Jan. 25, 2019.

Though fans are surely disappointed about the extended wait, the busy singer did explain her decision to hold off on the album’s release in an Instagram post on Aug. 3.

“This past year has been one of the most exciting of my entire life…. I’m in such an amazing place and I can’t stop writing songs… I’ve decided to move my new album TREAT MYSELF until I get everything out of my head and recorded in the studio,” Trainor wrote. “I’ve never been more excited for all of you to hear my new music.”

While we wait for the cool tunes that are sure to be part of the new album, I’ll take a look at the five songs from “TREAT MYSELF” that Trainor has already released this year.


You might be familiar with the chorus of this song (“Let me give myself a hand, uh-huh/ Tell myself ‘get up and dance’/ So I move my feet, I love all of me”) from one of Target’s many back-to-school commercials.

While Trainor probably didn’t write this song so that it could be featured in a commercial, it does have an upbeat, pop sound that is perfect for motivating yourself (or for back-to-school shopping, apparently). The song focuses on the efforts that the singer has put into maintaining a healthy work-life balance and how, after all this work, she plans to “treat herself.”

“Damn, I been working real hard on myself, on my health and my happiness/ Hit pause on my life, took time on my mind, been working less,” Trainor sings in the opening lines.

The release of joy following all her hard work is clearly conveyed by the song’s cheerful lyrics and carefree vibe. It’s sure to delight fans.


With this song, Trainor again produces a catchy earworm that you won’t be able to stop singing in your head (perhaps a reason why this song was also featured in a Target ad).

Trainor’s softer singing in the verses of this song complements the release of excitement and the pulsing beat of the chorus. Lyrics like “If you love me, love me, love me like you say/ Darling, tell me all the ways” make for a sweet, flirty song about wanting to be needed and the giddy highs of romance.


Like some of the other songs already released, “LET YOU BE RIGHT” sounds like a song that should be played while skating around at a roller rink. Fittingly enough, the video shows Trainor and her backup dancers busting a move in a candy-colored roller rink and arcade.

Trainor’s singing is a bit more restrained in this song, starting out slowly and not rising to the exuberant highs of “TREAT MYSELF” or “ALL THE WAYS.”  Not that the song is less exciting, though. “LET YOU BE RIGHT” is more sultry, but in a pop-y way.


An up-tempo, unapologetic track, “NO EXCUSES” portrays Trainor as a strong-willed, confident woman who won’t stand for any disrespect.  

“Why you, why you acting hard when you just a baby?/ Boy, I keep it real with you, but you trying to play me,” Trainor sings in the first verse, immediately demonstrating her grit to listeners. The song is catchy and lively while also portraying that Trainor won’t take anything from anyone.


Mod, bold and unexpected, “CAN’T DANCE” is the song that sounds the most different from  other tracks and from Trainor’s previous work. The song expresses the confident singer’s encouragement to a shy dance partner.

“Even if you can’t dance I’ll handle it/ Follow me and don’t stop,” Trainor sings in the chorus.

The repetition of “don’t stop” throughout the chorus gives the song a sense of urgency and also a feeling of liberation, as in “Just get out there and show them what you’ve got!”

Overall, “TREAT MYSELF” seems promising, if somewhat like typical pop music. Trainor’s confident and cheerful style shines through once again, while lyrics celebrating some of her life experiences and relationships will treat listeners to a fresh view into her life and delight them with a dose of positivity.

Rating: 4/5

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