Flannels and scarves and boots, oh my!


Is it already time for cool weather apparel at UConn? (Kim Nguyen/The Daily Campus)

Remember that one week when it was 90 degrees before the weather realized this is UConn and we don’t have warm weather? Yeah, well, so does your closet. I don’t know about you, but I brought a lot of summer clothes up here, and I’m not about to start packing them away after one week. I’m a creature of spite and I’m not letting this weather win.

Dorm closets are small enough even before you pack them with both summer and winter clothing, and like most college students, I’m not in any financial state to buy a whole new wardrobe for fall. So, without further ado, here’s your comprehensive guide to transitioning all those cute summer pieces into outfits that won’t leave you freezing your butt off on your way to class.

Get yourself a nice pair of tights. Better yet, get two: one sheer and one opaque. Or, go crazy and buy all kinds of fun ones. You can layer the sheer tights under jean shorts for a cute, punk vibe, allowing you to continue wearing your favorite shorts well into the fall without freezing. You should never underestimate the warmth of a good pair of cotton tights. Throw them on under your favorite dress or skirt! Bonus points because now you can wear that adorable dress you love without shaving your legs.

Buy a pair of knee-high socks. If you find tights uncomfortable, get a pair of knee-high socks. You can never go wrong with a solid black pair. They’ll match with almost any skirt and keep your legs warm against UConn’s killer wind. Plus, they’re adorable, and no one expects to see knee-highs in 2018.

Grow your collection of scarves. Scarves are cheap, soft, incredibly warm and the pinnacle of fall fashion. They let you add a pop of color to an otherwise casual outfit. Not to mention blanket scarves. What’s better than a fashion accessory that doubles as a blanket? If I could walk around all day wrapped in a blanket, I would, and now it’s not only socially acceptable, it’s fashionable.

Break out the flannels. If fall means anything, it means flannel season. Flannels are an easy way to spruce up any outfit. You can throw one over your favorite t-shirt and not only is it adorable, it’s warm. They’re great to throw on in the morning, and if it gets warmer by mid afternoon, you can tie it around your waist, and it looks just as cute. If you don’t have any, go to Savers and look at the men’s section. You can find them there for around $5 each. They’re far softer and better quality than any you’ll find in the girls’ section of your store of choice.

Layer up! Thin long sleeves are the ideal fall clothing item. They’re perfect for layering and incredibly versatile. They can be worn alone or you can pair them with a wide variety of vests, jackets, cardigans or scarves. They don’t take up much room in your closet and, again, they’re super cheap.

It’s combat boot time. Pretty much any outfit can become a fall outfit simply by swapping out your summer footwear for a nice pair of boots. Get yourself a nice pair of boot socks and drag your Doc Martens or Bean Boots out of the back of your closet.

Last of all, when it comes down to it, nothing completes a fall outfit more than a warm drink on your way to class. Coffee is totally an accessory, right?

Courtney Gavitt is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at courtney.gavitt@uconn.edu.

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