Offices at UConn offer resources for students seeking jobs


UConn’s Center for Career Development helps students pursue jobs and related endeavors (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

Students at the University of Connecticut looking for employment on campus have access to a variety of resources through the Student Employment sub-department and the Center for Career Development.

The Student Employment sub-department within the Office of Student Financial Services has information on what types of jobs are available to students.

“Employed in virtually all departments, students are a vital part of the University of Connecticut’s workforce,” Student Employment’s website said.

There are jobs specific to administrative support, information technology, library services, arts and media, recreational services, childcare, tutoring, dining services and maintenance listed on the JobX website.

UConn’s JobX website currently lists jobs with hourly wages ranging from $10.10 to $21.00. Working hours range from one to 40 per week.

The Center for Career Development’s website also lists internship and co-op opportunities for undergraduates.

Third-semester exploratory student student Casey Wheeler who works in the student mailrooms said he discovered his current job through the JobX website.

Wheeler said he works 10 hours per week while taking 15 credits and participating in several clubs and organizations.

“Finding a job that fits your schedule isn’t easy,” Wheeler said. “You kind of have to get lucky.”

Wheeler also said he also worked in the BioSupply facility as a warehouse assistant last semester, another job which he obtained through JobX.

“I have found that with proper time management, having a job doesn’t have too much of an impact on my academics or social life, but it depends on the situation,” Wheeler said. “Days that I have exams, homework, club meetings and work can get stressful, but it’s doable.”

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