BROCKHAMPTON’s energetic fourth studio album does not disappoint


The alternative hip-hop, self- proclaimed “world’s best boyband,” BROCKHAMPTON, has recently released their highly anticipated fourth album “iridescence.”

The album will be their first in their new trilogy, “BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES” and this was an explosive start.

The band wrote this album in 10 days at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, according to member Kevin Abstract on Twitter.

This album was released in the wake of the cancellation of multiple announced projects due to allegations that ex-member Ameer Van was a sexual abuser. After he was removed, the future of the band was unclear. But with this album, they show they are resilient in the face of adversity.

In “iridescence,” the band is bringing a fresh, nuanced sound while sticking to their roots in the usage of BROCKHAMPTON staples like vocal effects, multiple beat switches and catchy, repetitive, nursery-rhyme-like choruses.The production can be described as abrasive, layered and diverse with an influences ranging from The Beatles, Radiohead, Beyoncé and even the European techno sound, according to producer Romil.They even inspired themselves, having sampled their own songs “LIQUID” and “BUMP”.

The group steers away from typical hip-hop beats and takes a more alternative approach to the genre while still keeping the framework hip-hop-centric.The content varies within every BROCKHAMPTON project, usually going from carefree lyrics to more personal raw accounts. This album gets a lot more personal than their other albums, however, with the members opening up about their personal fears and demons.On “DISTRICT,” group member JOBA mentions his battles with mental illness. On “WEIGHT,” group member Kevin Abstract talks about his fears of being the worst in the band.

However, later in the album, they acknowledge that though things may be difficult for them all, they have worked hard to be in the place that they are in and are proud to be there. On “VIVID,” group member Dom Mclennon says, “Didn’t want to be patient, we had to fight for this name / Ain’t no acting complacent / They disrespect been too blatant / We claim this spot from the basement, tell me who you again.”

The band also gets candid on their struggles with fame. This past March the band cosigned with the music label RCA after being independent since their formation. On the song “TONYA,” they compare the pressures that came with their rise of fame to those of disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding. Kevin Abstract also mentions how he misses the days before multiple celebrity endorsements of the group on “WEIGHT.”

Each member brings something different to the table refusing to be overlooked, holding nothing back. All of their unique personalities shine in each of their verses and they show that they are far from one-dimensional.JOBA, for example, who is known for being a more energetic and eccentric member in the band does not disappoint in this album.While maintaining his eccentric nature, he also gets incredibly candid about his struggles with substance abuse and depression.

Group member bearface also surpasses people’s expectations of him just being “the singer.”While doing the vocalization he is known for, he also shows his versatility by rapping on multiple songs within the album.

In “iridescence,” the band demands respect and to be taken seriously. They are confident and know who they are now but still recognize that things aren’t perfect. This album shows that they can overcome their setbacks and continue to be the world’s best boy band.


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