Letter to the Editor: A message from the Humphrey Clinic


Dear Editor,

The Humphrey Clinic for Individual, Couple and Family Therapy closed on August 15, 2018.

Humphrey Clinic Marriage and Family Therapy students, staff and faculty members would like to thank our clients, the UConn community and the local community for learning with us and sharing over 30 years of healing and hope. We’ve had the privilege of fostering new possibilities and change with a special focus on strength-based, whole family treatment models. We cherish having witnessed our clients grow and flourish along with us. We are proud that throughout our history and even through the closing process, that we endeavored to provide the utmost care to our clients and students.

As society gains more understanding of the importance of supporting mental health and well-being, it will be important for all of us, as we disperse and move to new locations, to advocate for continued awareness, action and intervention for individuals across family and community systems. We have faith that the Humphrey Clinic will continue its impact and legacy on a local, national and international level through its web of former faculty, students and clients. We encourage the UConn community to care for themselves using the variety of quality services available in the area. Former clients of the clinic seeking records from the Humphrey Clinic should contact 860-486-3692 and leave a message detailing what information you would like and your phone number.

UConn students in need of counseling services or referrals should contact Counseling and Mental Health Services at 860-486-4705.

Community members can find information through their insurance for therapists who are paneled with their provider.

Thank you again,

Kevin Hynes

Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy

The Humphrey Clinic and the UConn Marriage and Family Therapy Program

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