Vern Granger named new director of undergraduate admissions


File- Vern Granger was named the new director of undergraduate admissions. He had worked at admissions Ohio State and North Carolina. (Zhelun Lang/The Daily Campus)

Vern Granger, former executive director at Ohio State University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions, has been named the new Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Connecticut, according to UConn Today.

Nathan Fuerst, UConn’s vice president for enrollment planning and management, said that Granger has “a national reputation for excellence in the field of admissions and enrollment,” in an interview with UConn Today.

Before working at Ohio State, Granger worked as assistant dean of enrollment services and director of admissions at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He also served as the senior associate director of admissions at North Carolina State University for 11 years prior, according to Ohio State University’s Office of Academic Affairs.

Fuerst formerly held Granger’s newly solidified position from 2011-2018, according to UConn Today. Fuerst regards Granger as “a true collaborator and leader,” important qualities for organizing and furthering the success of admissions.

“Vern has established a national reputation for excellence in the field of admissions and enrollment,” Fuerst said.

Granger said to UConn Today that he felt positive energy while on campus and is looking forward to an “intensely collaborative” experience of growing the recognition of the university.

“UConn is ready to take things to the next level, as there is a solid foundation in place in order to make that happen,” Granger said to UConn Today.

Granger’s job description at UConn includes managing the operations of the admissions office, developing admissions goals and objectives consistent with the vision of the university administration, and liaising with a wide range of internal and external constituents, according to the Department of Human Resources. He will be responsible for reaching students both nationally and internationally.

Granger will also be in charge of managing the operations of the admissions office and developing goals and objectives for the future of admissions, outlined by Human Resources.

Students reacted positively, saying that the new position holds importance for the future of the school.

“It’s exciting. The admissions office can make or break interest in a school,” said first semester biology major Janet Wang.

Transfer students shared enthusiasm about the university’s admissions office, saying the office helped to make the transfer process run smoothly.

“[Admissions] made my entire process really easy. I think the new director has the opportunity to help a lot of [transfer] students know more about UConn,” said transfer student and fifth- semester communications major, Colleen Schulken. “I am so glad I had help throughout the entire process. Admissions does a great job of giving transfers information about the school.”

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