Get Your Kleenex Ready: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is back!


Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy (Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty; ABC)

Here comes the feels you thought you forgot: “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered its 15th season on ABC last night with a special two-hour episode. Last season left viewers reeling after April Kepner, Grey-Sloan’s resident sweetheart, was hospitalized after being thrown out of a vehicle and being found in a ravine. Once brought to the hospital, the doctors worked tirelessly to keep her alive and their work paid off. Following her recovery, April planned the wedding of Jo and Alex but right before the nuptials everything went haywire. The guests arrived at the wrong wedding, Jo and Alex got locked in a shed and the wedding planner went into anaphylactic shock after an allergic reaction. All these occurrences resulted in the postponing of the wedding. Also, after having a hard time grappling with the stress of being chief of surgery, Miranda Bailey temporarily gave up her position to Teddy, who revealed to one of her patients that she is pregnant.

The episode opens up showing Meredith in bed, passionately locking lips with DeLuca. What? But, wait… it’s all a dream! This leads to two other scenes occurring in Meredith’s bed leaving audiences both confused and shocked. Shortly after, the season opens up with a recap on our favorite characters and what they’ve been up to since we’ve last seen them. Jo and Alex are enjoying their honeymoon, while the rest of the doctors do what they do best: save lives while simultaneously trying to handle the dysfunction in their own lives. This season welcomes back Teddy, a familiar face, as the interim chief. But upon discovering that Owen, her ex-lover, and his ex-wife, Amelia, are still living together she immediately refuses the job, not wanting to dredge up old feelings between them. On the way to hospital, DeLuca heroically saves Jackson and Maggie from a disastrous car accident that tragically plows through a distracted bike rider, leaving both of her legs broken and bent around the wheels. While at the hospital, the patient and the driver of the car develop a friendship and even become inseparable until their treatments require them to be separated. As both doctors and interns bustled about Grey-Sloan, Miranda struggled to find an interim chief to replace her during her sabbatical, especially after the denial of Teddy, which leads her to distract herself with other tasks around the hospital.

The drama continues as a simple surgery goes very wrong. Richard Webber and Vikram Roy, an intern, were performing a surgery on a patient who has lodged a can of hairspray in his anal cavity. The can quickly catches fire and shoots out of the patient’s body, injuring Roy in the process.

Towards the end of the episode, the bike rider tragically dies, leaving the driver to refuse her treatment believing that this tragedy is her fault.

But the ending scene in which Maggie and Jackson beautifully share their “I love you”s on the bridge overlooking Seattle, while discussing the matter of their morality, lifts the mood of the episode.

The premiere was nothing short of brilliance, which was expected. Per usual, there was the endless amount of turns and unexpected events, which of course added to the unexpected nature of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Expect to have your heart strings pulled in every which way

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