Roundtable: Which rookie QB has the brightest future?


Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, left, talks with New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold before an NFL football game between the Browns and the Jets, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

It’s been a fun season so far of rookie quarterbacks, with players across the league getting playing time and making the most of it. In this week’s roundtable, the DC Sports staff reveals which rookie quarterback they’d want most at the helm of their team for years to come.

Matt Severino

Campus Correspondent

Of the rookie quarterbacks, I believe Baker Mayfield has the brightest future. The Browns have been the laughing stock of the NFL for years now but I am convinced that he will be the reason why they ultimately become a competitive franchise again. He was a walk on at Oklahoma and needed to work his way through the ranks to become one of the school’s most decorated student athletes. He faces a similar situation as a professional where it is his job to change the culture in the locker room. There is no better competitor than Mayfield and, although I was skeptical when Cleveland took him first overall, there is no reason to doubt that he won’t be able to do it again. The city of Cleveland had a new king, even before LeBron left.

Danny Barletta

Campus Correspondent

I think that Josh Allen has the brightest future in the NFL. The Bills, who looked quite pathetic in the first two games of the season, dominated a very talented Minnesota Vikings team, and most of that was because of the tremendous play of Josh Allen. He looked really good both throwing and running the football in that game. We all knew the potential this kid had coming out of college, but this past Sunday was the first time we saw it in action. Obviously it’s going to take more than one good game to prove himself, but I think the Bills may have found the franchise quarterback that they’ve been looking for since Jim Kelly.

Colin Reilly

Campus Correspondent

I believe that the New York Jets’ quarterback, Sam Darnold, has the brightest future out of this season’s rookie quarterbacks. The University of Southern California product was the only rookie quarterback to win the starting job for his respective team for Week One of the season. In his first game, Darnold shocked the league by completing 76.2 percent of his throws, along with two touchdown passes en route to a 48-17 blowout win over the Detroit Lions. Darnold struggled in a Week Three loss to the Cleveland Browns, but rookies are never expected to be perfect. Darnold’s 701 passing yards so far this season have him in good company, as he has more yards in the air than NFL legend Tom Brady (644 passing yards). The future is promising for Darnold due to his spectacular athleticism and his ability to throw on the run. The Jets have not won the Super Bowl since Joe Namath was under center. They are hoping that Sam Darnold can be as good, if not better than Namath and lead them to a Super Bowl someday.

Zac Lane

Campus Correspondent

Lemme get uhhhhh…….. Baker Mayfield baby! Check the Browns’ record right now, I dare you, just look it up. If you look closely enough, you’ll see one win. That win came in the last game, the game that Baker Mayfield carried us to the promised land. After an 0-16 season last year, a 1-15 season the year before, the Browns now have a win in their first three games of the season. Give Mayfield his crown already dammit!

Amir Clato-Day

Campus Correspondent

From the moment he was drafted as the number one overall pick, I’ve believed Baker Mayfield will end up being the greatest quarterback from this draft class. Forget how strong his arm is, how fast he is or how big he is – he’s simply just a winner. Throughout his career, he’s been underestimated. The average great QB doesn’t go to two different schools as a walk on and then become the #1 overall pick. He exhibits a certain confidence and IT factor that we rarely see. Just look at how much his mere presence totally changed the energy of the stadium when he made his NFL debut. All he does is win, and is why he’ll be the best QB from the 2018 draft.

Jorge Eckardt

Campus Correspondent

Mason Rudolph! Yes, the third round, 76th overall pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers has the brightest future in the NFL. Why him instead of one of the five first-round picks? It is simple, he is easily in the best situation. Ben Roethlisberger’s contract is up after the 2019 season, and I highly doubt that the Steelers are going to resign a then 38-year-old quarterback who has been on a steady decline. Otherwise, there is no other big name from this current Steelers’ offense that will not be on the team come the 2020 season (aside from Bell, of course). Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Conner are all under contract through 2021, giving Rudolph at least two full season to lead one of the best offenses in the NFL. Then if none of the three return, which is highly unlikely, Rudolph will at least have a ton of experience and be set up to be a very successful QB going forward. Sure, this may seem like a crazy pick right now, but just wait: Rudolph is a star.

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