Editorial: Creative Cloud costs are unfair to students


College is already expensive enough, and with the added cost of Adobe Creative Cloud some students have had enough. (Screenshot via website)

Many students use Adobe Creative Cloud at one point or another in their college career. Some students, however, use it on a daily basis for classes and extracurricular activities. Digital media and design students, for example, must use this software often in their classes. At The Daily Campus we utilize Photoshop and InDesign in order to produce the paper you are reading now.

In past years, students have had the luxury of receiving this software for free. However, this year students have to pay $84 for a subscription to be able to download the software onto their personal computers. This change has, of course, been met with anger and frustration from some students.

The current cost of purchasing Creative Cloud through UConn is still considerably less than what students would be paying if they purchased the program directly from Adobe.

According to Vice President and Chief Information Officer at University Information Technology Services Michael Mundrane, “The four-year cost based on the program we have implemented is 40 percent less than their cost would be if they purchased the software themselves at discounted Adobe academic pricing.”

The price is also considerably less if students only purchase a semester or yearlong subscription. While having to pay for the software is still an unwelcome change, it should be a bit of a consolation for students to know that they are still receiving some type of deal through the university.

That being said, this change is still difficult for some students that were not prepared to pay for the extra cost while attending an already expensive university. With programs like the Microsoft Office suite being offered for free through UConn, some wonder why the Adobe software is no longer being offered the same way.

Those who do not want or cannot afford to pay for this extra product are being told to use different software that may be cheaper and lower quality. This is not fair to students who want to be given the same opportunities to perform as well as their peers. This new cost is effectively penalizing students who are unable or unwilling to pay, which makes it unfair.

College is already expensive enough, and with the added cost of Adobe Creative Cloud some students have had enough. By suddenly adding a price to these programs, students who use this software daily are being asked to pay for another necessity that could have been provided for them by the university like it has been in the past.

While a discounted rate is nice, this ploy for the university to make more money has not gone unnoticed and will continue to be a point of issue for many students.

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