Athlete Spotlight: Sophia Danyko-Kulchycky


Sophia Danyko-Kulchycky dodges UCF defenders during a game on Sunday, Sept. 30 at Morrone Stadium. (Eric Wang, Staff Photographer/The Daily Campus)

Sophia Danyko-Kulchycky dodges UCF defenders during a game on Sunday, Sept. 30 at Morrone Stadium. (Eric Wang, Staff Photographer/The Daily Campus)

It has been a tough season to this point for UConn women’s soccer, but one bright spot has been sophomore Sophia Danyko-Kulchycky. “DK,” as she is known, is tied for first on the team with four goals and is tied for second in shots. The Daily Campus caught up with the Chappaqa, New York, native after a recent 5-3 defeat to UCF in which she scored a goal.

Matt Barresi: What is your major, and why did you choose it?

Sophia Danyko-Kulcycky: I’m currently undecided but I am probably going to go into Sport Management just because I really want to work in the sports industry, especially soccer. I just couldn’t stop being involved with soccer even after I graduate. I love it too much.

MB: If you could describe yourself as a player:

DK: I love to get the ball to feet. Take someone on one versus one. It’s my favorite thing ever.

MB: Do you feel your team has a rival? Any teams in the conference that are always contentious?

DK: It’s hard to say. I didn’t really play that much last year so I don’t know yet.

MB: Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

DK: I always listen to the same songs. I listen to Best Love Song and Hooked on a Feeling as I’m walking to the field.

MB: Do you have a pregame meal that you stick to?

DK: Not really.

MB: What about a favorite food?

DK: That’s a tough question. I guess any kind of chicken or steak.

MB: How about your favorite spot around campus to get something to eat then?

DK: Moo-yah. Easy. Moo-yah after games. Double-cheeseburger, medium fries, medium shake, maybe a second cheeseburger, you know?

MB: Do you have a favorite musical artist?

DK: Honestly no, I don’t really.

MB: Do you have Netflix? What is the last thing you may or may not have binged watched on there?

DK: Oh boy. I just re-watch The Office over and over again. That’s really it.

MB: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?

DK: I’m on Instagram and Facebook but no Twitter.

MB: Who was your favorite soccer player growing up? Did you try to model your game after anyone?

DK: Cristiano Ronaldo. I always tried to copy his foot skills. Fernando Torres, too.

MB: So, you’re a Ronaldo over Messi person I assume then?

DK: I can’t say. I just can’t say, it’s tough.

MB: If you could play any other sport here at UConn, what would it be?

DK: Probably ice hockey. It just looks so fun to be able to hit people and stuff.

MB: Favorite movie?

DK: I re-watch “Lord of the Rings.” I have seen all of the “The Lord of the Rings” a million times.

MB: If you could pick any super power what would it be?

DK: Either the ability to fly or the ability to control time.

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