“Malibu Nights” by LANY: A breakup told in impassioned synthpop


LANY’s latest album was released Oct. 5, with only nine tracks. (screenshot/LANY)

LANY’s latest album was released Oct. 5, with only nine tracks. (screenshot/LANY)

LANY released their sophomore album “Malibu Nights” on Oct. 5 with only nine tracks, marketed on social media with a bright pink cover.

The album features two singles released by LANY prior to the album, including “Malibu Nights” and “Thru These Tears.” “Malibu Nights” was clearly a defining song as it shared a title with the album. It’s an emotional ballad that takes the album to an intimate and emotional place. “Thru These Tears” stayed in the same place thematically, but is way more upbeat and feels like an “I’m going to get through this” type of song. These two songs defined the album before it was even released, conveying the theme of moving on from heartbreak.

“Malibu Nights” held the most emotional impact on the album. The lyrics talk about loneliness, being consumed by a breakup and the memories the person involved has to let go of. It’s a ballad that told a familiar story.

The emotion and depth of the album came from LANY’s carefully constructed sound; each hit of the drum and piano chord resonates. The sound is not slow or sad, which is typical of a breakup album. “Malibu Nights” features LANY’s characteristic lively aesthetic, yet listeners can easily absorb the feelings of each track even without the lyrics.

Lyrically, this album spoke volumes about lead singer Paul Klein’s relationships and experiences. There are lyrics that talk about crying and comparing new partners to old ones, such as the lyrics in “Valentines Day.”

“No matter what I tell myself, she’s not as good, she’s not as good, she’s not as good as you.”

LANY is composed of three members based in Los Angeles, California. According to various interviews, the band name comes from a combination of the acronyms for Los Angeles and New York. LANY was born when lead singer Klein flew out to Nashville, Tennessee to meet with two friends Jake Goss and Charles Leslie Priest (commonly known as Les Priest). All members are multi-instrumentalists, but typically you can see Klein on lead vocals along with lead guitar, Goss on drums and a sample machine and Priest on the keyboard.

LANY just started their journey in the music industry and found a voice in emotional synth pop music. This album is only their second, but they have taken it bigger than ever before. For the release, LANY took over a record store for a pop-up shop, were featured in a Times Square billboard and rallied all of their fans in Malibu to listen to the album for the very first time with Spotify.

Fans have had a positive response to such a shortlisted album. To have the ability to condense something into nine songs and still have a huge impact could mean great success for this band’s reputation and future.

Rating: 5/5

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