Homies say cheese


Bookshelves in the Homer Babbidge Library. (file photo by rebecca newman/The Daily Campus)

The Homies: Friends of the Homer Babbidge Library club cheered up exhausted midterm studiers in the library Tuesday night with a much needed grilled cheese break. Delivering grilled cheese sandwiches to each floor of the library, the Homies brought smiles to stressed students while taking the opportunity to distinguish their club among the overwhelming number of other clubs at the University of Connecticut.

The Homies aim to assist the UConn library through student advocacy, events and fundraisers to benefit the library. It’s a collaborative group of dedicated students who work closely with library administration to provide the best possible library experience.

“Samantha Mairson [UConn alum] wanted to come up with a student organization that would advocate for the library and reach out to the students,” fifth-semester management major and founding member Dylan Nenadal said.

The club has held three meetings this semester to build a foundation for the club, which primarily focused on brainstorming events and planning the grilled cheese fundraiser. This may be their first fundraiser of the year, but there are more to come.

“We put events on in the library to help create a community for the library that will ultimately help the library grow,” Thomas Reese, a third-semester civil engineering major and treasurer of the Homies, said.

“We put on events to help create a community for the library that will ultimately help the library grow,” Austin Mott, a third-semester biomedical engineering major and president of the club, said.

Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the staff lounge of the, students from all years and majors meet and discuss the latest library news. At an average Homies meeting members discuss their upcoming fundraisers or events, brainstorm solutions to concerns about the library or sometimes simply make buttons and crack jokes. If the name didn’t give it away, the Homies are strive to be laidback and inclusive. It’s a for-the-people-by-the-people kind of club. Anybody is welcome to attend and voice opinions or concerns.

“It is very relaxed,” Mott said. “Everyone’s voice is heard. It is a very friendly club. We stick to a schedule, but we don’t have any strict rules for the meeting it is very free flowing. The voices are fundamental in the meeting, it is really a conversational environment.”

Although the Homies are small in numbers, they make up for it with dedication and commitment. You may even recognize some of these members sporting the quintessential Homie buttons around campus reading: “Homie,” “UConn Homies” or “I’m a Homie.”

The grilled cheese fundraiser was the first event of the semester for the Homies, but they are looking to follow up with some other exciting library-related events.

“We are communicating with [library administration] to see what we can do in the future,” Mott said. “We want to work with them more. You can look forward to more grilled cheese and free propcorn. And we’re aiming for a Homies bulletin board and designating a ‘Homies Chill Zone.’”

“If the stars align – nap pods,” Griffin Love, a third-semester psychology major and Homies vice president, said.

Lucas Knight-Vezina is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at Lucas.knight-vezina@uconn.edu

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