Spring Registration begins Oct. 22


Get ready! Course registration is right around the corner (File Photo//The Daily Campus)

Registration for the Spring 2019 semester begins Oct. 22, according to the University of Connecticut Registrar’s Office.

The Registrar’s Office’s website offers guides to help navigate the Student Administration System more easily.

Assigned picktimes can be found by following the guide on the Student Admin Website under Student Help. Pick times are assigned based on the number of credits a student has.

Each department’s website should have specific information regarding scheduling a meeting with an advisor, according to the website.

The What-If Report is a tool that allows students to see what requirements students need to fulfill under any major. It shows general education requirements and what progress a student has already made, according to the website.

The Academic Requirement tool shows what a student needs in order to graduate. It shows required classes that still need to be taken as well as completed classes. Students should still meet with their advisors to go over requirements, according to the website.

The Schedule Builder tool builds a schedule based on chosen classes. The website also allows students to insert times when they are unavailable so they can schedule around clubs and work.

For filled classes or classes that have certain restrictions, students can request permission numbers from professors so they may enroll in the class, according to the website.

Joshua Oculam is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at joshua.oculam@uconn.edu

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