New signs aim to help navigation on campus


With little explanation, UConn’s solid blue and white signage is being replaced in certain places around campus with gray and white signage. A new sign stands triumphantly over its replacement. (Sachin Menon/The Daily Campus)

New signs are being installed in front of The University of Connecticut’s Storrs campus buildings to help navigation, Stephanie Reitz, university spokesperson, said.

“The new signs will have more clear street numbers,” Reitz said.

“With all of the new construction, new roadways and new facilities over the last several years, including the Downtown Storrs development, campus is increasingly complicated to navigate. That presents safety concerns,” Reitz said. “Many of our buildings also don’t have obvious street numbers or other indicators on them, so having good signage helps people find them.”

Changing the decades-old signs will also increase safety on campus, Reitz said.

“The new signage [can be a safety] measure for campus visitors, particularly those in vehicles who need to be clearly guided to parking facilities as safely and directly as possible, as it is a routine maintenance item,” Reitz said. “Clear signage is also important for emergency responders, particularly external agencies that may assist with campus events.”

After all the old signs are removed, there will be a decrease of signs in front of buildings that do not have heavy traffic, Reitz said.

“Many facilities that do not hold classes or attract visitors will have freestanding signs removed and replaced by smaller signs near entrances,” Reitz said.

The new signs will be finished in late November or early December, Reitz said.

Chrystal Charles, a third-semester psychology major, said she does not think the new signs will be more helpful than the current ones.

“I feel like they have a lot of pros [to the new signs]. There’s nothing wrong with ones we have before,” Charles said. “I don’t see a demand for it.”

Charles said there are better ways for students to find buildings on campus other than the signs.

“With a phone, they can easily navigate to where they need to go and the UConn app is there,” Charles. “You can always ask for help. That is the best way to get to things.”

Rachel Philipson is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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