Dean of Students create Nov. 16 deadline to reschedule finals


Dean of student is trying to resolving any final exam conflicts (File Photo//The Daily Campus)

University of Connecticut students have until Nov. 16 to resolve any final exam conflicts.

The Dean of Students and Registrar’s Offices are both stressing the importance for students to proactively check their exam times and ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts.

The exam schedule was released on Oct. 1. They can be found under the final exams tab on the homepage of the Registrar’s website. Students can also access the schedule through their student admin accounts.

“At the end of this semester I have three finals, psychology, history and anthropology,” said first semester pre-teaching student Emma Crawford. “Luckily for me each exam is on a different day, so there is no issue with bunched exams.”

Although Crawford does not need to reschedule her exams this semester, it is common for students to need to move exams due to bunching.
According to the Dean of Students Office’s website, there are four main criteria for which a student can have their exam time changed. These include two finals being at the same time, having three finals being scheduled in the same day, three exams in consecutive time blocks over two days or having four finals in two consecutive days.

Students can go to the iCenter located in Wilbur Cross along with their schedule to facilitate the necessary changes, according to the Dean of Students website.

“I met someone who last year had to have their exam time changed,” said first-semester math major Tim Malave. “He said that although it was not convenient that he had to change the slot for a particular exam in the first place, it was relatively easy and nothing worth stressing over. He told me long as you are aware that you need an exam time changed everything will fine.”

According to the Registrar’s website, it is not necessary for every professor to administer a final exam that requires students to sit down during a certain time slot.

Other methods of assessment are acceptable, according to the Office of the Registrar.

Professors can also administer final papers, final projects or presentations, portfolio reviews or other forms of assessment that include covered content.

“I am happy with how final exams are handled at UConn,” said first-semester marketing major Jake Yellen. “Rather than being thrown in, there are many different places where I can find information about my exams, and what I need to do if i have an issue.”

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