Calista’s Cinema Conversations: Good movies with bad endings


There are so many films that start off promising with a great plot, exciting characters and an encouraging story arc. Then, right at the end, any hope the audience had for the film is snatched away with the director’s less-than-impressive conclusion of the film; leaving audiences disappointed. Since I will be talking about the ending of films, there will be spoilers.

The original “Spider-Man” series began with two very entertaining and action-packed movies. Audiences had fallen in love with the heroes and were excited to see what new villains were chosen to spring out of the comics and onto the big screen in “Spider-Man 3.” Though the director gave the audience more villains than expected, not all of them were for the better. Peter Parker’s evil alter-ego became a joke to fans of the series, and the demise of many famous “Spider-Man” comic villains felt very rushed and downplayed.

Thankfully, fans are mostly satisfied with the revival of the character Spider-Man in Marvel’s more recent film “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and the resuscitation of the “Spider-Man 3” villain “Venom” in his own film released earlier this month.

The much anticipated 2016 thriller “Split” had an excellent story, and James McAvoy delivered a wonderful performance as a man with multiple personality disorder who kidnaps three girls in preparation for the arrival of another, more ominous, personality. The problem wasn’t until the film’s climax, where the foreshadowed “beast” character was revealed and set out to kill the three girls. This game of hunter verses prey was done impeccably and left the audience with a constant feeling of uneasiness and anxiety as the camera followed the protagonist’s struggle to escape.

Then the “beast” corners the protagonist, and the audience expects a heart-stopping fight for her life, but instead the “beast” sees scars from when she was abused and leaves her alone. Though the film was on the longer side, the ending was very anticlimactic as if the director just wanted it over. Fortunately, audiences might be able to forgive this ending if the sequel to the film which is titled “Glass” and will be released in 2019, makes up for the weak conclusion.

The popular film “Mama Mia!” could been seen as having a discouraging ending purely because the problem handed to the audience at the beginning of the film was never solved. In the final moments of the film the protagonist, Sophie, still has no idea who her real father is and instead proclaims that she now has three fathers instead of just one. Though that is a very sweet and thoughtful remark, it still bothers audiences as to who her biological father was.

The sci-fi thriller “War of the Worlds” presents a terrifying possible outcome of malevolent aliens invading Earth. The film was an exceptional depiction of the firsthand horror of aliens trying to wipe out human civilization, but the fate of these aliens was unsatisfactory to audiences who believed that the aliens should not have been killed by germs. They believed these aliens were too powerful for bacteria to have affected them that greatly.

Lousy endings to overall enjoyable films are not as common as some would believe, but when a movie ends on a poor note it leaves a sour taste in many filmgoers’ mouths. It is a well-known fact that the last thing audiences see is usually the part of the film they will remember the most, so these films are sometimes remembered as bad films when it is only the ending that should be disliked.

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